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I met the lawyer again at breakfast this morning, and we talked a lot about spending time with our families and the goals that motivate us.  He told me about the amount of travelling he does and the wife and one year old baby he has back at home in Cyprus.  I immediately thought about my marketing business and how it could solve his issues with time.  He's the Managing Director of the firm, and although he enjoys what he does, I know it must be a wretch to spend so much time away from his wife and baby.

The leaders of the organisation I am involved with, talk an incredible amount about fulfillment and serving others.  I've read in a number of self-help books that, when we put service first, money takes care of itself.  Therefore, helping others to reach their goals and realising their dreams, means we achieve ours simultaneously.

Self-fulfillment, and by that I mean fulfilling our God-given purpose for our lives, has to be the number one priority to make our lives truly worthwhile.

What does self-fulfillment specifically mean to you?

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