Reconnecting With Your Body - Working with the Muladhara Chakra

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Reconnecting with your Body – Working with Muladhara Energy


If you read my previous article on Chakras you will know that the Muladhara Chakra is the Root Chakra found at the Base of the Spine.  It is usually associated with the Colour Red and Earth and helps to Ground us and steady the mind.  Here is the link if you would like to Read more the-chakras-and-transformational-eating 


ASK yourself this question – Do I need to reconnect with my body?  If you are not sure, also ask is my body trying to get my attention? maybe you have some unexplained aches and pains, stomach upsets, swollen joints! If so then your body is trying to tell you something and by reconnecting you undefinedcan understand what it is trying to tell you. Other questions you might want to ask are: Do I need to let go of unhealthy relationships? Am I prepared to embrace Positive Change?  Or How Can I Improve? Again, see what responses you receive, if any.


Reconnecting with your body is easier than you think, we do it every day without thinking.Take some time out of your daily chores, or during the evening, even 10 - 15 minutes will do.  Put on some relaxing music, undefinedif you wish, but have it playing low in the background. Set the scene to let your mind and body know that you wish to reconnect. Low lighting or candles and incense could also help set the atmosphere. Settle down in a comfortable position on a chair or cushion on the floor, you can lay down but try not to doze off. You are now setting your intention to connect to and working with your Root or Muladhara Chakra.  

Visualise the energy in this chakra circulating around, visualise the colour or even the symbol.  Then allow it to grow so that it fills your whole body and eventually visualise yourself encompassed within it as it expands and surrounds you with its energy.  Now it is time to set your intention by Asserting to undefinedyourself and your body - I AM PREPARED TO EMBRACE POSITIVE CHANGE repeat this at least 3 times or another positive affirmation that resonates with you.  When you are ready, reduce the size of the Muladhara Energy back to the root.  Thank your body for the energy it has given you and finish your meditation practice.


When you have finished your meditation, do something active, get up, slowly at first, and go about your daily activities.  Remember to set time aside at least once a day if possible or 2/3 times a week to practice working with this energy.


The above meditation and other meditations are available to access on my website.  If you wish to subscribe for access you can click the attached link or email me direct see details below. 


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