Responsibilities, Seasonal Cycles, and Systematic Neglect

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"Cyclical Seasons"

Responsibilities, Seasonal Cycles, and Systematic Neglect

In this article on responsibilities, seasonal cycles, and systematic neglect, I want to first make an observation from nature. In regard to climate, we see seasons of weather that "cycle around" in every geographic location. In my area we have four seasons. Every season comes with its own beauty and challenges. We can learn to prepare for and utilize the challenges for personal growth while enjoying each season's beauty. 

Systematic Neglect Again

In countries where the cultural emphasis lies on the individual "to a fault," systematic neglect is the best way to prevent burnout and maintain sanity.

Seasonal Cycling Must Partner Systematic Neglect

Just as nature consistently cycles through its seasons, so we can cycle through responsibilities in our lives. This takes some mental awareness, organizational skill, and practice, but it helps prevent unpleasant surprises later. Recently, I learned the hard way how completely neglecting one area of my life ends in surprise expenses of time, money, and energy.

Responsibilities, Seasonal Cycles, and Systematic Neglect

"Cherry Picking" and "The Day of Reckoning"

. By acknowledging every area or "category" of our lives has some degree of value, we can begin to understand what different seasons of our lives can teach us. I personally dislike cleaning, but I also see the value in cleaning for health reasons. Cleaning also helps remind me to stay humble since all of use need to clean up ourselves and our houses regularly. It also goes without saying that prolonged neglect of a major area of your life eventually will come back on you.

Calm and Faithful

The general way to "cycle through" and balance large amounts of responsibilities is to stay calm amidst what could feel overwhelming and be methodically faithful in your approach. The victory is always achieved on the long haul.

Bringing It Together

By pairing systematic neglect with cycling major responsibilities, we can calmly and consistently find our way to victory when achieving long-term goals.

Your Takeaway

Do you use systematic neglect to avoid burnout and any other unhealthy results? Do you cycle responsibilities in order to avoid unnecessary overwhelm and future unpleasant surprises? What specific changes do you plan to make in the areas of responsibilities, seasonal cycles, and systematic neglect?

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