Roger Federer at world no1 once again.

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Hi Accented family

It was awesome seeing Roger Federer breaking the record to be ranked number one as the oldest male tennis player at age 36. He pummeled his opponent Robin Haase of the Netherlands in three sets, 4/6 6/1 6/1.

Roger Federer got to this position by carefully working out a success strategy. In 2016 he took off six months before coming back. He has since won three grand slams and several ATP titles.

I remember clearly the media talking about Roger Federer not being able to win another grand slam title. I on the other hand could envision him win at least a few ATP titles and one Wimbledon title, but instead he broke the boundaries no one ever dared to think he could. I’ve watched countless hours of Federer’s matches and tried his strategies out on the tennis court myself. I’ve noticed over the years he’d come up with reinvented shot making.

Here are five points Roger keeps in mind when playing.

1 – Learn from loss.                                                                                                                   2 – Constant quest to improve.                                                                                             3 – Targeting goals leads to success.                                                                                   4 – Keep calm under stress.                                                                                                5 – Play to your strengths

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