How To Draw Your Future


I am opening this post firstly with a question so stick with me. It will be worth it!

Have you ever felt that, when it comes to money, no sooner do you take one step forward to get ahead then you have to take two, three or more steps back?  How, despite all your efforts - putting money away, paying the bills on time, managing the budget - it seems like an unrelenting struggle?

I know EXACTLY how you feel. In fact, during a time deep in that same frustration, something happened to me in early 2017 which I chose to respond to defiantly! Then a TedTalk found its way in front of my face just a few days later. Everything changed after that!!

Learning How To See Your Future

“A solitary fantasy can transform a million realities” - Maya Angelou

This was the opening quote that led into a TedTalk by Patti Dobrowolski titled “Draw Your Future”.

(Don’t go there just yet - stick with me. You need to know what had happened days beforehand).

It wasn’t long past New Years Day. I had a quiet moment to myself and was reflecting back on the previous year. We had made some significant progress in many aspects of our marriage, our family, our home - but where money was concerned? No change, despite our efforts. When I saw THAT reality - I got really, really frustrated.

However this time - instead of going back to the lab of “what needs to be done differently, cut back, cut out, reduced….again..” I declared out loud “I REFUSE to be in the same position by this time next year!!” Lo and behold - that same week I 'happened' to come across Patti’s TedTalk. Anything that involves drawing or colouring is always going to pull me in as I am sure there is an artist locked up in me yearning to emerge someday. I am a stationery junkie. Put me in an art shop and I walk around in a daze touching colours wishing I knew what to do with it all! But I digress. Patti posed this question: “What dream or vision do you want to turn into reality?”

You've Got To SEE First

She went on in her talk to highlight that the odds of making changes to areas of our life are stacked pretty high against us. They are 9-1 even if you are facing a life-threatening illness.

How do you beat those odds? This is the good part. She shows you how!

How To Pursue Your Dream

Patti explaines;

"you can live the life you desire. It’s right there in front of you. But in order to achieve it, you must first see it, THEN believe it, then you must graciously ask and train your brain to help you execute your vision.  How do we see our vision? Through pictures. A picture can create movement, unite people. move your heart and fill you with a deep desire to do something. How can you use a picture to get what you want? By simply drawing one!! You don’t have to be an artist, you don’t have to know how to draw! When you draw your “Current State” and then your “Desired New Reality” - suddenly you have a Road Map for change!"

This is precisely what I was referring to in my original blog post "From Surviving To Thriving" when I talked about the two travel points ('A' being where you are - 'B' being where you want to get to). We remember things better when they are attached to a picture - 65% better to be exact You get the most power when you paint YOUR OWN picture!!!!! Your brain actually emits serotonin and oxytocin when you draw and dream - so you feel happy, capable, creative, you feel good.

Three Steps To See A New Reality

The three steps:

  1. See it
  2. Believe it
  3. ACT on it

I drew my picture. My current state on the left. My Desired New Reality on the right. I poured myself into colouring in my Desired New Reality. My experience of that process was thrilling, giving myself full permission to be creative, explore, dream big, and no overthinking allowed!

My interpretation of the picture that I drew is that long before participating in this process of ‘drawing my desired reality’ - I had a growing vision for transforming lives - making a difference. But I had no clue as to what that might look like. All I DID know was that every time I saw someone making a difference in the lives of others, empowering them some how, leading them into a new direction and stepping into their purpose - something in me resonated deeply. “That’s what I want to do!”

Your Future Awaits

What do YOU want to do? I want to suggest that you start by watching the video for yourself, then, draw your own desired new reality.  Then - connect with me on Facebook to share your own experience of the process. What were your observations about your emotional and mental state as you worked on this. Most importantly of all - whats' next for you? I'd love to hear from you.    

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