Seeing life differently

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Me and my husband went to the store for some shopping. On our way out we met a mutual acquaintance through our children's soccerteams.  

It was Friday. Needless to say, the store was packed with customers. All in a hurry to do groceries so they finally could get home and celebrate the weekend. 

We chatted for a while and then suddenly she said:

"GOD! I can´t stay here and chat away the evening. I have to get home with these groceries and give Fred his list of things to do!"

My husband stopped, looked at her with a BIG question mark on his face.

"List?" Are you doing list TOO!!!??

He has been complaining about me giving him lists on things to do around the house. I know that we look at things differently and what is important for me, is less important to him and the only way things will be done, is either by me doing them or giving him a list to follow. 

She answered my husband with a long monologue! 

That nothing would be done around the house if she didn't give him that list. At least not the things SHE wanted to get done. And that she has given him a 2-week break after going back to work, but that she hit her limit of what she tolerated around the house and it was time for him to get back to reality!

It was so funny! We were on our way, having our date night. Guess what we talked about:) :)?

Well...not the list itself but what we put our attention to in around us! How we look differently at things and what we prioritize being important in our lives.

It is fascinating to think about the fact that my husband can see, within an inch, that the grass is too long and need to be mowed, but have no clue when it is time to do the laundry.

He will be proud as could be that the cars are clean and shining. I would be able to walk right by them, not noticing that they have been washed.

Or the other day: There was so much dust on the furniture that I finally asked him to clean it because I was doing dinner.

"If you want me to...but I think it is clean enough", was his response. 

Can´t he SEE the dust??!! 

While he was dusting I suddenly hear him grunting about something and when I asked, he answered that someone had been using his guitar without asking him!

Using his guitar???? How the Heck could he see that? It is standing in the exact same spot as long as I can remember. 

But was touched alright...and he was not happy!

We found a dussin example like that during the evening. A lot of laughter and recognition that we see things differently.

But there is also a good thing about seeing things in another perspective. If you dare to think about the differences as a strength and not a weakness, life can be very colorful and exciting.

So instead of me being frustrated that he doesn't see things the same way, I embrace it and try to relax. 

I kind of miss that extra pair of eyes or someone with another perspective when I work by my self as a Digital Marketer. I can talk with people online about my projects and what I am up to. But no one is in the office with me, right then and there when I explore something new, or get an idea or just freak out!!!

I have learned to appreciate his way of looking at things. I am more curious today to find out how he looks at a situation or thing.

If he has a different approach or opinion, I allow it to expand in my mind without judging it. 

That my a whole new chapter...not to judge what is going on in your mind. :)

Anyway. Just wanted to share what was going on with me! I hope you enjoyed it and that you too will expand your perspective on life!

In care you are wondering...he still gets the list.....:)



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