Six Figure Mentors Review: What I've learned in 6 months

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About 6 months ago, an add on YouTube came up on my phone as I was watching some motivational videos. The add was from a guy called Dan Holloway, who spoke about how he quit the corporate rat race and his 9-5 job and now he works full time online running his own business. This add instantly caught my attention because for years of my life I've been searching for an alternative to the 9-5 grind. I didn't really know what I was searching for all these years. I didn't know how you could work online and earn a full-time income. I ended up clicking on the YouTube add and it was the first YouTube add that I had EVER clicked on - I usually skip as fast as I possibly can! The add directed me to a FREE 7 day video series about working online, by The Six Figure Mentors. I was instantly hooked. Six months have passed and this is what I've learned.

Anything that can go online, Will go online

The Six Figure Mentors have become so successful for two reasons.
1. They provide a highly successful solution to a problem many individuals have, 'wanting to quit your 9-5 job to lead a more fulfilling life'.
2. They have embraced the surge of technology and the internet. The Six Figure Mentors realized the direction the world is travelling in and createda business model to match the needs and demands of an evolving society.

The world is becoming digital, anything that can go online, will go online. If you don't believe me, think about Blockbuster stores. Netflix has made them extinct. Sanity music stores? Spotify and apple music shut them down. Traditional retail? E-commerce (online shopping) will overtake
retail by 2024. Cash money? Digital currency like Bitcoin is going to become VERY mainstream in the next few years. Many office jobs will become obsolete moving forward, often outsourced for cheaper labor to second world countries. This means the need to become competent working online is going to become essential moving forward. All of us will need to up-skill to be able to work online and understand the newest online trends and techniques. The Six Figure Mentors are ahead of the current market. They have taught me the future of work is online and those who adapt the quickest are the ones who will be the most successful.

The Power of the list

When I first started I was starting from scratch. I had no idea about internet marketing and how it worked. The Six Figure Mentors have taught me, 'the power is in the list'. What this means is having customers subscribed to your mailing list. When you submit your email to an online website, you are subscribing to their email list if you didn't already know. This might be when you buy clothes online, do your tax return, fill out a quiz on what type of game of thrones character you are or put in your email to get a free online e-book. The genius in this is that the company now has your email address and knows you are already interested in their products and services. The company can now send you further emails recommending other products or services of theirs that you might be interested in. The best part for the company is that this is FREE marketing. They don't have to spend a dime on fancy advertisements or billboards. All they do is send an email.

The great companies or individuals will not spam you with 5 email a day of sales offers to buy buy buy their products. Instead, they will send you emails that simply provide you value like news, tips and free articles. This builds a gradual relationship that is built on trust and genuinely providing the customer value. Did you know the average customer has to see something 7-8 times online to feel comfortable buying? Consistent emails like this will always keep the seller in the customers mind and repetition done the right way builds trust and familiarity. When a seller does send you a sales orientated email, you will be far more likely to respond favorably to the offer. The message in this, is no matter what your selling, building an email list is essential to connect with your customers
and have the power of free advertising. An example of common opt-in email marketing service is, who stores all your emails subscriptions. You and can send out automated email newsletters and sales offers to all your contacts.

The best forms of marketing

marketing strategyI've learned from The Six Figure Mentors what marketing is really about. The role of a marketer is NOT to find people who are interested in your products and services. The role of a marketer IS to identify what problems a person has and provide them with solutions to that problem through providing products and services. As a marketer, your job is to serve those who you wish to serve. You don't sell products, you sell emotions. How will this product make them feel? If you are marketing a fancy watch, you market the feeling, the status, the feeling of professionalism and confidence. You must always look after your customers, because the best ones will be your most valuable asset. The ones that share your posts, tell their friends about you and act like a brand ambassador.

Your success as a marketer will depend on the 'Value' you provide. The Six Figure Mentors are always consistent in emphasizing the practice of providing value. Provide the most value that you can and your customers will love you for it. When you give out something for free, people will think,
'wow, if their giving this out, imagine what the paid products must be like!'. Our obligation is to do marketing that we are proud of. If you market to everyone, you market to no one. Market to a specific type of person, with a specific type of need. Know your customer and what they want, then,
provide so much value that they will love you for it. The best type of marketing is video. Video marketing is 600 x more effective that written marketing and only going to become bigger.(

The sales funnel

Before the Six Figure Mentors, I had no idea what a sales funnel was. I always just thought you put out an add and if people liked it they bought the product. A sales funnel is designed to first capture as much traffic as possible and slowly push it down then funnel through more and more specific objectives. Its successful because people don't necessarily want to buy something straight away, they need to build stages of trust and move slowly in the right direction. A sales funnel works by first attracting as many people as possible often through SEO, blog posts or paid advertising. When you have established a lead, provide value like giving a free trial. Next, move them down the funnel by getting mini commitments like a $20 membership. Build customer loyalty by providing excellent experiences. Finally, your aim is to get them to the bottom of the funnel to your high ticket products. If people exit your funnel half way through, you can always do a re-targeting campaign in an attempt to get them back in the funnel.

How to createmy worldwide office

In 6 months going through the Six Figure Mentors learning modules, I built a website that's getting traffic all around the world, from Australia to USA to Estonia. I had zero experience in website
design before this, check out for proof. I build landing pages, I learned how to edit video on Davinci Resolve. I can edit a photo's like you see many people doing with photoshop. I've created many videos and uploaded them to YouTube. I've grown in confidence after each video. I built social media accounts, become a blogger and taken some awesome pictures along the way. I did this all with zero experience.

Personal Growth

I have completely underestimated personal development and the importance of community. The Six Figure Mentors are big on personal growth along with business growth. From the 90 day video challenge to wake up calls and numerous books read, I can honestly say I've learned a lot about myself. I will praise the Six Figure Mentors on their transparency and push for personal development. If you are a negative person, not confident and not happy with life, your business will reflect this. Building an online business is extremely hard. I've learned that you get what you put in and just to keep on trying. All the Facebook groups have been fantastic in providing general support to each other and guidance. I've also set myself 90 day goal challenges, because the first step in actually getting something done is setting goals. 


I learned the importance of mastering Keywords to rank higher on Google. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It refers to getting organic traffic to your website by creating content about your niche and utilizing keywords so Google recognizes your website as an authority for your niche. If you master SEO and keywords, you can rank high on Google and if you do this, it's extremely valuable and free marketing. If you have a website on cake recipes its almost useless if no one can find it on google. If you want traffic to your website you must get this right to ensure when people search for products that you sell, they find you!

I honestly believe I have learned a TON of valuable skills and information by starting my online journey with The Six Figure Mentors. Even if my online journey did fail, I would now feel pretty confident going for an interview for a digital marketing job. What I've learned in 6 months, is
far more valuable and practical than what you could ever learn in a fancy marketing university degree. The skills I've learned are skills that can be applied through all fields of business and I challenge you to keep pushing yourself and learning new skills too. Stay tuned for the one year review!

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