Stop Procrastinating & Start Achieving Now, Three Tips

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How many times have you failed to achieve your goals ?

All Just because you cannot get started. 

Maybe you are sick and tired of your 9 to 5 job and want to start your own business but just do not know where to start.

Or maybe you feel you are out of shape,  you know you need to get some excercise done but you just do not get started with going to the gym. and take the first step.

Hi my name is Fatma Zubia and I am personal develpoment coach and founder of  abundance with family

I will be sharing three simple tips today I learnt from Derek Halpern on how to overcome procrastinating and start achieving your goals starting today.

I am a mother of four children, a part time teacher - read why I became part time in my Unstuck-Yourself blog and I run my own online business as an affiliate marketer with the SFM - check the banner at the bottom of the blog. so you can imagin how busy my schedule is, making it through the day takes super organising and scheduling, but adding anything to the schedule is the hardest thing to do . but when somethig has to be done it has to b done. 

You know that goal or dream or just a task you have at the back of your mind that you just have not got to start working onto achieving yet ? I bet your excuses for not getting to it are things like, I have no time , Or I do not know how to start it, Or I do not have the knowledge or whatever to start. but deep inside you you know it is all just blah blah.

I got this gigantic file from my boss that I need to interpret for the company. I had it for over a month , opened it twice read through it then just shoved to the back of the draw and locked the draw. every time she asks me about it I would come with an excuse and promise to get to it soon but never really had any plans on how or when am I going to do it. 

last week I came across this video on youtube by Derek Halpern where he addressed the issue of procrastinating very simply. I read alot about procrastinating , but the so claimed solutions are usually long and complicated , but this one was very nice and simple and you can start now. 

  1. Start now immediately , don't say I shall start tomorrow or on Monday or at the start of the month or the new year. new year resolutions, I mean I don't know about you but they usually last me till the second of January. so to cut the long story short, stat your task now. I personally I started the mammoth task of interpreting that file the same night I watched the video, last Wednesday. I prefer the night because the kids will be asleep so no interruptions. When I put it next to my bed , I will not forget to get to it. even if I prtend to ignore it will be bugging me in the head and I will get up and start working on it.
  2. You notice that I said get started with the task not get it done. planning on getting a mammoth task done all in one go when yur time or knowledge of the task is limited is definately setting yourself to failre. so the key is to devide your task into bite-size tasks, being realistic about getting a big task done by dividing into smaller tasks and  taking it one baby step at a time is a sure strategy to get any thing done and completed. So the second tip to stopping procrastinating and starting achieving is to divide your big task into smaller manageble tasks so you feel you can do them and remeber taking one step a day towards your dream is way better than standing till because it is a big thig that is because smaller steps accumulate and as the snow ball keeps rolling the achievments pile up and you get closer to reaching that goal every day.

The third thing to add to this is try making it public for me I promised my boss to hand it in by Monday. so I have to show up on the Monady with job done, or  she will hold me accountable for my word. If you want to get in shape, get a buddy to go to the gym with. making your goal public means you have to show up and you have nowhere to hide. 

now to sum the whole thing up to stop procrastinating and start on the path of achieving those goals you have setting the back of your head first make a pledge on starting now immediatley  second divide the task into smaller bite size manageble tasks, and third make it public and get someone else to hold you accountable. 

in the comments below write down what task or goals have you been procratinating and what are you going to do about it

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Fatma Zubia

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