5 Things You Must Do To Successfully Run A Marathon Like Your Business (Part 1 of 2)

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To run a marathon like your business. Can that make sense?

To run a marathon like your business could be something new to you. You probably know about how to do business like a marathon. But the other way around, how is that?

With only six days left to my marathon number 20, Mexico City International Marathon, the heavy training is over and now comes the final fine-tuning before the race date.

Often I notice the similarities between marathon running and entrepreneurship. There is even one unique similarity between the two activities. This time the approach will be about how to run a marathon like your business.

In summary, you can say that the success of both activities is about being 100% in control of what you're doing. You can’t go out and randomly run for a while when you feel for it and believe that it will take you through the 42.2km or 26.2 miles on the race day.

In the same way, you can’t have an idea, even if it’s a great idea, and launch a business without first doing the necessary work.

In this first part of two, we will go through the two first things to do to be able to run a marathon like your business.

Goal setting

undefinedIt all starts with a strong desire to achieve something. That desire should later turn into a passion for what you are doing. Be honest to yourself, and if you feel that it isn’t there yet, consider seriously to wait with your project.

Or, as Tony Robbins says:

“Goal setting is to create a compelling future.”

It’s quite common that people make new years resolutions or betting with friends to run a marathon. If that’s the base for your plan, then the probability of failure will be high.

To start a business you’ll never do it based on a bet. So, the intense desire and passion to achieve the goal are the same for starting a business and running a marathon.

Now, comes the exciting work. To set the goals and make the plan.

When planning for a business set up, you will work with four variables; sales and marketing, financing, operations, and administration. The four pillars must be in place to get your business to succeed.

When setting the goal and doing the planning for the marathon, the four pillars are long runs, speed training, strength training and technique training. You need them all to be set up in an organized way.

Finally but not the least, both marathon training and the business creation, you build it based on a final result. The final result, to run a marathon on a determined time and to generate a certain revenue within a specific time in your business, frame up the whole planning of the activities.

To run a marathon like your business follows precisely the same planning structure.

Become an accountable self-expert

undefinedYou can find thousands of different tools to manage your business, as well as programs for your marathon training. That’s good, but it will never replace your accountability. You and no one else is responsible for your success.

When building your business and when training for your marathon race, you will have ups and downs whole the time. It’s normal, so don’t worry!

What is important is that you continuously figure out what is your trigger and motivation in life. Do not try to copy somebody, because we are all different and react in different ways.

Sometimes we are not fully aware of our strengths and weaknesses, that can be transformed into opportunities and threats. (See S.W.O.T. analysis.) Figure out your strengths and weaknesses with this free test. Maybe you have certain qualities you’re not aware of yet.

Remember that you’re always accountable for what you’re doing and consequently also for the results. Therefore and in spite of all tools available in the market, if you work actively on your accountability, you will become a self-expert in what you are doing.

The Programs You Need To Run A Marathon Like Your Business

The same way I found the coach and the right program for my marathon training, I also came across, after some searching, the right program to get my online business up and running.

It’s important to find something that fits you and your ambitions. Click here and get a sneak peek of the system I’m using successfully for my business.

Now after almost five years making business online, the business experience starts to give useful knowledge to my marathon training. In the beginning, it was the other way around.

Within five days the second part of this article will be published. We will go through the remaining three crucial must do things to run a marathon like your business.


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