Swedens most popular profile. Dagny 105 year old blogger.

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It is a true honor having Dagny as our godmother in ONG Bbeabridge, says Hannika Oberg, founder of mentioned non govermental organisation and she continue telling us.  Due to the old age of the lady we try to not ask for to many commitments, but it is difficult to stop her.

Dagny speaks swedish and a little english as well, we did a christmas calender last year for christmas and we are going to film a better one this year if all run as sceduled. It was the second year we collected money to poor and vurnable groups in society and Dagny was apparing everyday by reading a chapter in her new published book called all about Dagny. 

We have done a music video that hopefully will give people around the globe a possitive message for christmas. Dagny is telling us about the future plans here, or here.  We consider that what this lady does for mankind just by being open and trying is the highest example to serve the others as an excellent role figure. You can come with us as a member and form part of the upcoming calender if you sign up and give us email from the other side the veil as a member so to say. We also have a project for schools, townhalls and the private sector called. What happened with the track? (Var tog vägen vägen?). It´s a education system in building online business, a new free lifestyles, network and in the modern economy called sideincome.  We also have our own mastermind courses and affiliate programs for people who want to find new tracks in this 4th Industrial Revolution and not be caught up in a future problems. Welcome as a member

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