Systematic Neglect in an Imperfect World

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I have discovered in various areas of my life that systematic neglect plays a crucial role in an imperfect world. I use the phrase "imperfect world" because in order to begin to implement systematic neglect in your life consistently, you need to first accept that the world you live in is never going to be perfect.  But let's start from the top and point out the reasons for systematic neglect and it's resulting role.

The Reason

Systematic Neglect in an Imperfect World

Industrialization and information technology has created new opportunities paired with associated responsibilities.  Before the Industrial Revolution, peoples' lives were much different then afterward. Most people made their living on farms as families.  From the perspective of technology, they lived a much simpler life since many of their daily tasks were focused on taking care agrarian concerns.  Their communication was limited to their own family and village.  Today we have almost unlimited opportunity to communicate through information technology and our daily concerns include the use and maintenance of multiple technologies. Ironically, new technology that was created for the purpose of living better lives through the saving of time, energy, and money has also led to using more time, energy, and money to maintain.

The Role

The role of systematic neglect is to keep us on track with what is most important. But before we determine what track we need to stay on, we need to determine where the track we are on is taking us. 

The Initial Preparation or Steps

Systematic Neglect in an Imperfect World

1.  What is your final destination or goal?  

Just like other investments, we are investing time, money, and energy into modern technology whether we realize it or not.  Whenever you invest in something, you need to ask yourself what you are getting in return for that investment.  Is all the technology you invest in taking you to a final goal, and if "yes," then what is your goal?

2. What are your priorities?

When so many things are competing for our attention, we need to have preset priorities that help us through "the maze of urgency."  Priorities help us determine what needs our attention and energy first and for how long. 

3.  Follow through with systematic neglect.

As obvious as this may sound, this can be difficult for some.  Any one of us can get caught up in the urgent or be ruled by the "musts."  Contrary to what some of us may think, neglecting some tasks for some time may not shake our world.  I believe we live in an age where individuality is so emphasized in developed parts of the world, that it's literally impossible for one person to do all that appears to be expected by society and still remain sane and healthy.  Systematic neglect is the only way out.

To Sum It Up

The reason for systematic neglect is because of the overemphasis on individual responsibility to the point of becoming unhealthy and losing focus on what's important.  The role systematic neglect plays is to keep us on track with our goals through preset priorities.  The final step is to follow through neglecting what is least important.

Your Application

So do you have goals and priorities?  If no, what will help you create goals and priorities and when will you do this?  If you do have goals and priorities, what are some of the barriers that keep you from using systematic neglect in an imperfect world and what is your plan to overcome these barriers?


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