The expansion of the Universe


The expansion of the universe


Every particle of consciousness, even the one-celled amoeba or organism,

Is having its perspective, its exposure to its experience.

And as it is having its exposure to its experience.

It is giving birth to improved preferences.

And because Source Energy turns its undivided attention then to what was being asked for, then you in your human form have done what you said you would do.

You have come forth like pioneers, and you have carved out something that would be even better,

And the larger part of source energy turns its undivided attention to that improvement.

And the expanded universe moves on.

That’s why, no matter what Al Gore says about global warming,

No matter what anybody else is saying about what’s going on- as they look at a pocket here and a pocket here and a pocket here…..

Of things that are not to their liking at the moment!

No matter what any of them say, form their very narrow human close-up perspective of what’s going on here on this planet- it is of unimportance.

BECAUSE, when something that you see, that you do not like, causes you to launch a rocket of desire, 

and because source energy, the energy that creates worlds, turns its undivided attention to what you are now asking for:

You have to know that even as you are beating the drum and fearing global warming:

That you are asking for improvement!

And source is flowing with the improvement.

So life MUST continue to get better on this planet.

Do you know that it is  AT THE BEST   it has ever been- and improving!

How you look at what is now, out on the leading edge, and call it "declining",

when it is expanding and improving, can only be because you looking thru the narrow eyes of human perspective.


That are in this moment beating the drum of lack in some way,

and you have disconnected yourself from the view of a broader perspective.

Global warming is not a factor that needs to concern you.

This earth is expanding and evolving and improving

It is no shrinking and disintegrating and declining.

It is not.

Life is eternal.

And your balanced earth is in good stead. Worry not about it.

But, it is not wrong for you to explore your earth and see things that are of concern to you.

That’s what you said you would do.

So so see something that is of concern to you, 

Immediately you ask for an improvement.

And immediately the rocket of desire shoots out of you and source energy is on the case.

But when you watch global warming, when you beat the drum of it,

you hold yourself with millions of others in vibrational difference or resistance to improvement that you have asked for.

So then you have to "croak" before you let your planet receive the benefit that you have asked for.

And it does not need to be that way.

In other words, you don’t have to wait until the next generation in order to read the benefits what this generation is asking for. 

You can have it right here and now, and you can tell by the way you feel whether you are having it right now or not.

So now we have come down to a very big topic, and it is a topic that a lot of people would disagree with.

And we certainly would understand where they would be coming from.

So you look into the world and maybe you even watch the whole movie about global warming.

And as you watch it and you see pictures that you don’t want to happen planet happening.

Or you see speculation of what’s going to happen further and you feel that horrible feeling within you,

that always happens when you look at the opposite of what you want.

So you feel that horrible, horrible feeling and then you say „But there are things in that movie that are TRUE…“

And we say „you gotta ask yourself, and now is a good of a time as any:

Am I going to guide my experience by looking at WHAT IS

because it is "true"-

And therefore create more of it?

Because the law of attraction will give me what I give my attention to,


Am I going to ride the rocket of the desire, that has been born out of it?

Am I gonna think about what I want? Am I gonna let the way I feel be my criteria for the direction of my thought?

Or whether something is true?

Every person on the planet could read the pamphlet on global warming and could come to a place of divested fear.

And in doing so you would launch rockets of desires about what you want.

And your world would improve because of your awareness of what you don’t want which helps you to be more aware of what you do want.

But you could all, simultaneously, hold yourself apart from what is no in your vibrational escrow-

which is an even healthier earth!

You could as a mass consciousness, (it will never happen, don’t worry…just speculating….)

You could, every one of you turn your attention to things that make you feel awful. 

And your earth would continue to thrive…but you wouldn’t!

In other words,

You could use any subject in the world, as your excuse to deprive yourself of the energy that creates worlds.

Deprive yourself of all of the things that are in your vibrational escrow.

IT DOESNT MATTER what you are thinking about.

Do you know that you have in your vibrational escrow all those things you want?

And you could pick any one thing on the planet that is going wrong, or in your life, 

and give it your undivided attention.

And you could keep all those things that you want from happening,

Because you have activated a vibration of lack over this one thing. 

Isn’t that interesting.

Because whatever it is that you use as your excuse to offer your vibration: Sets the tone for your vibration.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed the article. Can't wait to publish the next one.

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