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Paradigms keep people operating at 40 miles an hour even though there is infinite horse power under the hood. We never get up to the speed we are capable of and.....if we did, we´d astonish ourselves.

Thomas Edison

We do not really need more knowledge, we just need to do much more of what we already know. It's so simple - and yet so misunderstood.

Most of us do things every single day that we really do not want to do and we achieve results that we do not want, and for some strange reason we just keep doing it anyway.

You can find examples of it allover. You may know an overweight person who wants to lose some weight but still continues to overeat. You will also be able to find examples of salesmen who constantly complains about their sales figures, but are not aligned with the sales procedure they receive from the top-preformers in their field. You will find leaders who humiliate someone in front of their colleagues, even though they know it does not create well-being but only make the problem even worse. Yes, they all know how to do better, and yet they do not and they simply do not know why?

Why do we continue to create results that we do not want? The reason for the problem is in our paradigms. If you're not familiar with that concept, do not worry – Nor is your neighbor or colleague. It is a term that is of great importance to the changes you want in your life.



A paradigm is an amazing lot of habits. A habit is an idea fixed in your subconscious mind, it causes you to do something without any conscious thought. Paradigms cause our habitual behavior - and almost everything in our behavior is habitual.

Changing a paradigm will be to compare with taking a governor off your car. Despite the fact that the car has very high engine power, it does not drive faster than 40 miles an hour, if that is where the lock is set - no matter how hard you step on the accelerator. Paradigms make us operate at 40 miles an hour even though there is infinite horse power under the hood. We never get up to the speed we are capable of, and remember Edison's words - if we did, we would astonish ourselves.

Are you ever puzzled when you see a person of average intelligence producing extraordinary results? That person has either consciously or unconsciously changed the paradigm which enabled them to produce the result. When you become aware of how paradigms work, you can begin to take control of the results you get and then go after the results you want.

With a very small effort, you can significantly improve your personal efficiency. Take your time to get an understanding of how to do what you do more effectively. Now all you have to do is override that old paradigm and watch your effectiveness skyrocket. BUT, you must be aware of the powers of your old paradigm. It tend to talk you from doing what you have decided to do. This is where your will and persistence come into the picture - take control.

Whatever you conceive and believe, through persistence you must achieve.

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