The Lifestyle of an Eagle - An Insight to Unleashing Your Full Potential.

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Ever felt there is more to your life than what it is currently? Do you feel you are not living up to your full potential or are you struggling to find your purpose?  Do you want to figure out how to unleash the uniqueness in you? Well look no further. There are simple things around you that can help you gain perspective.
 I recently sat back to think about the lyrics of the song I believe I can fly by RKelly. As a teenager, I sang that song but never paid attention to the message in that song until recently. So you are not all alone when it comes to finding your true purpose.  A lot of people are also struggling to identify their purpose.  To have a better understanding of your purpose, let’s look into the life of an eagle to help you identify where you are currently at in your life, who you want to become and things you need to do to get there.
When you read through, think about yourself and find out if any of these qualities applies to you. If they don’t, then you have  taken the first step to figure out what is missing and what you need to get doing to live a life of purpose. Taking tiny steps at a time makes the difference overtime.  So let’s do this.
Some unique characteristics of an eagle:
Good vision
The good eyesight of an eagle enables it to see her prey from a far distance and aim for the prey. To be successful, you must have a good vision and clarity on what exactly you want.  You need to be able to look into the future and see what your end goal will be if you take action. A good understanding of your goals will enable you to develop a plan to achieving your set goals.
Flock together with their kind
Eagles don’t mix with species that are not in line with their vision. If you have ever taken time to watch eagles, you will realise they don’t mingle with other  “lower class birds” because they don’t share similar attributes. This is something you should consider when associating with people who don’t share similar ideas as yours or people who would rather do everything in their power to watch your ideas/vision die. If you have such people who talk down on you or your ideas, then its time to have a rethink about your association with them. Masterminding with people who shares similar ideas as you will help you in actualizing your dreams.
Fly at high altitude
Like the saying goes, soar like an eagle. This is to say that among all bird species, the eagle is the only bird to fly at very high altitude. As a person, what is it about you that when you let out, it would add value to someone. That thing in you is what makes you unique from every other person. Making good use of your unique qualities is what propels you to greater height. But remember, when something great is set to happen, obstacles will come to suppress it. This is applicable to you as a person, people will try to dissuade you or talk you out when you set your mind on starting out something positive. However, if you ignore the distractions and remain focused on your end goal, you definitely will soar like an eagle overtime.
Tackle challenges heads on
Eagles are fearless. This is similar to every successful person you meet. Fear is not entertained in their mind when they set out in achieving their aim. They just take action no matter the challenges. Like Tony Robbins will say – Burn your boat. When you learn to burn your boat, you know there is no going back. You just keep on at it until you succeed. Every person in life has undergone atleast one challenge in his/her lifetime. The difference between a successful person and the rest of the world is that they don’t Forget Everything And Run but would rather Face Everything And Rise until they succeed. To succeed, they are consistent with their action even when everything around them discourages them.
Eagles are problem solvers compared to other birds
An eagle would rather use the storm to soar higher in the sky with minimum effort while other birds take cover away from the storm.  Life brings with it storms and stress. The storms can even take you to your lowest points. However, the ability to make use of these moments to solve a problem rather than dwell on the problem is what singles you out from the crowd.  You draw energy and inspiration from the stormy days to bring value to someone who needs it. It is this value that changes everything.
Eagles grow with their kind
You can’t see eagles playing with a chick. At the sight of an eagle, the mother hen would do everything to protect her young one. This indicates the difference between both birds. The mother hen knows that the eagle is way beyond her class. And would do everything to lead her chicks to safety away from the eagle.
Think about this, have you ever seen a medical doctor and an artist speaking the same professional vocabulary. The answer is NO because they are two different people with different professions and would tackle issues differently. The medical doctor will do well in the midst of like minded professionals like him in providing value to his patient. Same goes with the artist who will do well to keep her fans happy.
Eagles are mentors
A mother eagle will teach and guide her eaglets until the eaglet become more independent. As a person, learn from the eagle and be a person of value wherever you find yourself. Figure out ways you can positively add value in your environment. Share your knowledge with people. Mentor someone. Put a smile on another person’s face. Most times, it is the little things in life that becomes a source of inspiration to  someone. The little things you do everyday counts to most people around you. Remeber, the positive impact you create always comes back to you.
Eagles balance work and family
When eagles work, they work really hard, just like when they are targeting their prey. The eagle dives and takes away the prey without distraction. When an eagle plays with her eaglet, she plays very hard as well with her attention on her eaglets. Being able to balance work life and family or personal time is very crucial to developing yourself as a person. So when you work, also make out time to relax without anything that could cause you stress. You will realize that after a period of relaxation, you will return to work with a clear and refreshed mind. This helps you perform your best. 

Eagles are calm
An eagle stays calm and calculates how best to get her prey. This is the reason she doesn’t fail in catching her prey in most cases. 
 Most times, people worry rather than strategising on how best to achieving thier goals. What they fail to understand is that worry will not produce the results they desire. When you find yourself slipping into the "worry mode", snap out of it. Use that energy to figure out a plan and the actions required of you in making those dreams a reality.  Shifting your mindset from worrying to creative methods dissolves the worry and fear within you. Once you get into this creative mode, you will worry less and do the work required.

If you are able to do these tiny little things in your everyday life, you can't imagine how much you will achieve in in your lifetime. So rather than sit back and worry, draw a plan on how you want to achieve your objectives. Take actions every day. One step at a time is enough to do the magic.
Remeber, if an eagle can trust her instincts and spread its wings to get what it needs, then why not you who has got the brains. Learn to trust your instincts even if you fail first time, try again. Never entertain the idea of quitting. The sky is will be your limit.

With Love, 



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