The Medicinal Effect of Productivity to the Healing Process

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Recently, I had an experience that reminded me of the medicinal effect of productivity to the healing process. When recovering from a minor muscle strain, I noticed that rest helped, but staying physically active without straining the muscle more helped it heal faster for many reasons. I also thought about how this is true for mental and emotional health as well. 

The Medicinal Effect of Productivity on the Healing Process

Stagnation and Growth

Anything stagnate is not growing or, in this case, healing well. Although productivity during pain may seem counterintuitive, it really is an essential ingredient to the healing process if done in the right quantity, duration, and direction. Everyone gets hurt in their lives in some way, so the nature of the activities for each person will vary from case to case.

Keeping the End Result in Mind

So how does someone motivate to stay active in a productive way with a level of pain still present? Keeping the end goal in mind keeps us motivated. However, we need to start with clearly defining what that goal is by writing it down.  Writing this out in a clear way that is ownable (something we want to do), reachable (something we are able to do), and measurable (something we know when we have reached it). As we move closer to this goal, our motivation will naturally increase. 

A Subtle Progressive Process

The Medicinal Effect of Productivity on the Healing Process

A teacher once told me that the process doesn't always look like progress. Another way to say this is that since we are with ourselves all the time, we don't always recognize gradual changes that are happening in ourselves. Realizing this can help us take heart and be encouraged through the long-haul of moving through our healing process. 

In Summation

Staying active in a productive way is important to any healing process. The key to staying motivated to do productive activity during pain is to keep a clear goal in mind and to be patient realizing gradual changes are easy to overlook many times.

Your Application

What is the nature of the healing process(s) you are presently going through? What is your end goal when this healing process is over? Is it written down in a clear way? How can you practice more patience as the gradual healing process takes its course and you allow the medicinal effect of productivity to speed up the healing process?

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