The Place of Synergy in Our Lives

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When discussing the place of synergy in our lives, we first must define synergy.  Synergy is the cooperation or interaction of two or more things in order to produce an effect  that is greater than the original two things.  Synergy can be positive, negative, or even a combination of positive and negative.

The Place of Synergy in Our Lives  

Examples of Synergy

Examples of synergy in our everyday lives include positive friendships, teamwork, songs in music, bands in music, fungi, sea anemones and clownfish and crabs, and the list goes on and on.  Here's an explanation for one of these examples:  A clownfish's predators are repelled by the anemones sting and clownfish scare away butterfly fish that want to eat anemones.

How Can We Use Positive Synergy to Grow in Our Personal Lives?

The Place of Synergy in Our Lives

  • Partnerships and Friendships.  When thinking about using synergy in a positive way to reach our goals or grow, we need to remember some basic truths about how we interact with people in general.  We always need to be genuinely interested in other peoples' well-being and goals as well.  From this point we can seek to work with others in mutually beneficial relationships.
  • Healthy Diets and Supplements.  Eating well and taking the needed supplements can help in every area of your life.  When you combine eating healthy with supplements and targeted exercise and sleep, these combinations create a healthier and more fit body.
  • Positive Thinking, Faith, and Directional Action.  Positive thinking can lead to faith in God, yourself, and others.  Directional action in accordance with this faith can lead not only to reaching goals, but also building confidence to reach future goals.  With each positive thought, decision of faith, and directional action, reaching future goals becomes more "second nature," enjoyable, easier, etc.
  • Personal Rythm and Time Management.  Everyone has a rythm they are the most productive in and this rythm involves time of day, order of tasks, speed, and many other factors.  Once you discover this rythm, you can manage your time around it and see the synergy that results.
  • Stretching and Sleep.  Deep stretching at night will help you sleep better and nightime is usually the time for most peoples' bodies to chemically start preparing for sleep.  The result is a gradual increase in relaxation which aids in deep stretching.
  • Balancing Your Life Between Essential Areas.  One great example of this is rest and/or sleep and work.  "Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the ax." Abraham Lincoln was once quoted.  Sharpening an ax not only extends the life of the ax, but also saves time and energy chopping down the tree.  In the same way when we sleep we can accomplish tasks more effeciently and we support our immune system's health as well.

The Place of Synergy in Our Lives

  • Can you stop and think of opportunities of synergy in your life?

In Summation

Synergy is when two or more things cooperate or interact so that this combined cooperation creates something greater than the two original things. There is positive and negative synergy.  Examples of this can be seen in everyday life.  Some areas we can use positive synergy to reach our goals or grow are partnerships and friendships, healthy diets, and supplements, positive thinking, faith, and directional action, personal rythm and time management, stretching and sleep, balancing your life between essential areas, etc.

Your Application

Are you networking or meeting people and building positive friendships in your personal life?  Are you observant of potential positive partnerships?  Do you know what a healthy diet is in your life and what supplements can help your health and fitness grow?  Are you seeing opportunities for positive thinking, faith, and directional action in your life?  Are you facilitating these opportunities to experience synergy in personal growth?   Do you know your own personal rythm and have you attempted to plan with this in mind?  Do you balance your life between essential areas like exercise, stretching, sleep, relationships, and are you experiencing the release of synergies in your life as a result of this?  What other examples can you think of where the place of synergy in our lives takes place?

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