The real truth about Success

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The truth about Success
What is the real truth about success?
Tima Mir
"Life is a process of evolution." Stuart Ross 

This means a lot to me.

This is an unfolding journey.

Every day, you unfold a small part of it.

Isn't it a real truth about success?

The journey of waking up.

There is not any destination.

"The majority of my productivity is this: what makes me feel amazing at the end of the day if I get this done." Stuart Ross (My Mentor)

What is the real truth success?

I always had struggled with this question.

I ignored my Value today and was searching for an abstract dream.

I got contradicted the perception of real success.

I conflicted with my Value and my wildest Why, and my surroundings thought about it;

You should learn from other's experiences.
You should be realistic.
You shouldn't go far away from your parent's minds limits.
You should follow your surrounding's values.
It would be so hard to have your own values.
Older people know better than youngers.
What is experience?
The real truth about Success
Each one of us has unique surroundings and experiences.

Also, we have unique data stored in our genes.

These are the sources of the data in our brains.

When you encounter a reality, your brain process all of these data to recognize it, whether it is a good signal for your survival or bad, and create a feeling based on the result.

Then each brain uniquely interprets the same reality.

You are reading this blog; your interpretation of it is different from what I meant from writing this blog or from other readers.

So, each person wants to advise you based on his/her Value.

We all want to get attention from other people in a unique way, that is our Value.

So, be honest. And just you can approve your Authenticity.

So, express your Value, your Why through your Authenticity.

What is your why, without the fear of being judged, without comparing it with other's Values?

Also, your today's Value may be different from tomorrow.

At first, I just knew that I want to have a peaceful mind because of my mental issue at my puberty(Read More About Me), not anything else.

Then I found traveling as my Why in life, which led me to Spirituality, then to Blogging. 

I didn't know why I want it madly back then.

I was judged a lot from my surroundings; this is not a good goal for a girl; you would hurt yourself; there are many dangers ahead of your Value; Please change your Value.

But the truth was my definition of Real Success was different from theirs.

And how could they say that was right or wrong for me?

What if I cared about my surrounding's experiences?

You don't need to keep one Value through your life. It could be changed in evolution processing.

Just focus on your Value today, right now.

Be proud of your number one motivator, whatever it is, regardless of what other people say.

Leave your second nature and reveal the real one to find out your Values.

What makes you get up and tackle the day every day?

What is at the back of your mind that you are protecting it by hiding from others?

This is a real truth about success.

"Don't allow other people's opinions perspective views to allow you to dictate you where you are in life." Stuart Ross (My Mentor)

Watch this video from my mentor; Stuart Ross about The Truth Behind Real Success:

Just ask yourself what is your Why today.

What is your definition of real success?

Just focus on today.

No matter if it changes tomorrow.


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Tima Mir
By Tima

Kind regards

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