The sky is the limit!

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 Let’s set the records right

  How many times have you heard the quote “The sky is the limit”? I bet quite a few.  Who ever came up with that quote was no doubt expressing the vast possibilities of expansion and growth. It is unquestionably a positive statement but simultaneously it is indicating there’s a limit set outside of you.

   Let’s set the records right  “The sky is not the limit… your mind is.” Whatever you truly believe is possible is what you will get. If you want to change the outcome of any given situation, regardless what it is, your health, your income, your relationships, you name it, you must change your beliefs about it. You can argue yourself blue, but unless you change your core beliefs it will not change.

Beliefs rules


   If you carry a lot of extra weight and no matter what you do, how hard you train or watch what you eat, you are not loosing those extra kilos. They are stuck because of your beliefs and possibly part of those beliefs are that you can give yourself a break and munch a donut once in a while.  You  might believe you’re meant to carry those extra kilos because your mum, aunt and grandma did. All that is, is learned and copied behaviour. 

  If your income remains the same, no matter how much effort or extra hours you put in, you just can’t seem to get past that stage where you just barely make ends meet at the end of the month. Believe me it’s because deep down your beliefs of what is possible is contradictory to your desires.

  If your relationship with your mother, father, friend or partner isn’t improving no matter how much you try to mend or bend to make it better, it is based on your perception and your beliefs. You’ll get what you expect.

What to do? 

  Well then how do we change deeply rooted beliefs and patterns that are counter productive to our desires? 

Identify your thought patterns

  Thought patterns like “It runs in the family” or “Once I gain it I can never get rid of it” or “I just have to look at a donut and it’s on my thigh.” will simply keep you stuck where you are.

undefined If your income rarely reach higher than a certain level, if you’re constantly struggling financially, what are your believes around money? Do you believe money is hard to get by, that you have to work really hard to get money or that you have to be really smart to make a lot of money? Is your core belief that you shouldn’t make more money than your father did or that money is nasty or the root of all evil? Do you doubt your ability to earn it, or do you believe you don’t deserve it?

  In your relationships do you feel that you are doing all the work? Is your friend not attentive enough, is your father impossible to deal with or your spouse not loving you the way you want to be loved?  It’s all your perception. Once you change your perception, everything changes. It has to. It’s inevitable.

  Take a good look at your feelings and thoughts in regards to any given area. If you have issues with money you have thought patterns and believes that is blocking money to flow freely into your reality. If you can’t thread those extra kilos no matter how much effort you put in, there’s a belief of impossibility lingering inside you. If your relationship with your spouse doesn’t improve no matter how much you try there’s a belief of what they do or don’t do that is not to your liking, keeping you stuck in your perception of them.

Lingering thoughts

  Be clear on your believes. When you start digging in you might be surprised what kind of beliefs that actually lingers in the back of your mind.  Once you are clear on your believes, and be honest with yourself, after all you’re only cheating yourself if you refuse to see it for what it is. When you have them clear you can start to rephrase them and create new believes.

  You can change anything in your life that is not to your liking, but it takes your commitment and willingness to take full responsibility and grow do so.

  The only limit is your mind


  The sky is not the limit, so remove your limiting beliefs from the equation and take full responsibility in the knowing that your mind is the only limit that sets you apart from your desires. To remove your limiting beliefs is totally doable but to remove them you must identify them first. You must become an observer of your mind so you know what is going on up there. Only then can you identify the crap that holds you back from living the peaceful, unlimited happy, lovingly, healthy, prosperous life you so desire.

  The way your life is reflecting itself right now is a perfect mirror for what’s going on in your belief system. The sky is not the limit your mind is. What’s playing out for you right now is your creation.

If you do not like it. It’s time to change, and the change starts with you!

Much love



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