The Urge to Purge

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Morning, I was up extra early today as it is my nephew’s third birthday and I am going to spend some quality aunty time with him.  My workout is done for the day and it was a good core one.  So far, I have not found it hard to workout in the mornings like it did before I made my decision on this challenge.  The true telling will be when I finish my annual leave from work and have to do it at 6.15 am!!!!!

I wanted to talk about having a good clear out, a clear out of old clothes.  Yesterday I realised I still had a lot of my winter stuff in my wardrobe so I thought I would put my jumpers and scarfs etc. into my trusty Vac bags for storage and swap out some of my summer clothes.  However, I soon realised that I don’t fit into any of my summer clothes which you would have thought would have made me cry a little bit (boo hoo)! But no, instead I found myself thinking how great it is going to be when I can fit into them again and how it will feel like I have a whole new wardrobe, like I have just been shopping which felt quite exciting, this I realised is the power of a good mindset.

The other thing I noticed as I put stuff in a pile to take to the charity shop was how good it felt to clear out things that I no longer need or serve me anymore and that this is making way for new and more positive things to come into my life.  If you hoard a lot of ‘things' this can spill over and effect every other area of your life, from your emotions to your energy levels to the decisions you make.

From this stand point I am going to gradually go through all my belongings from books to files to my art stuff and handbags (yes Dad, if you are reading this I am actually going to part with some of them!!!) and other things that I have throughout this challenge to clear out what I really don’t need and see what new opportunities and things come my way as a result.

I will post some pictures on my channel freedom Instagram account as I move through this, the link is below.  Have a great day everyone and happy clearing out.

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