The Winning Approach

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"It's not where we started, but where we are headed" is a saying that sums up the philosophy behind the winning approach.  The Winning Approach may mean plans do not fall together exactly as we would like them to, but this does not mean that we are stuck in one place and can't move forward. 

The Illustration of Building Multiple Houses Simultaneously

The Winning Approach

To give a pictorial illustration, sometimes moving forward in our lives is like building multiple houses at once.  In other words, we may end up building one house and stopping at its foundation to start another house before finishing the first and so on.  This can seem frustrating to those of us who are obsessively organized and/or neat. 

Availability of Resources and Shifting Focus

However, the smoothest path forward in our lives from where we are at in the present moment may depend on what resources are available now and what resources are not acquirable or within reasonable reach.  I've heard this mindset called, "running with your victories" or "moving with your victories."  When we run or move with our victories we use three valuable resources most effectively.  These resources are time, money, and energy.  Speaking of energy, when we move with our victories we gain more confidence and motivation on top of our resourcefulness.

Degrees of Focus and the Big Picture

The Winning Approach

Taking time to understand and access what is happeining in all areas of our lives is still important.  Trying not to lose the big picture or gaining it back quickly is important even when moving with our victories.  Here we are balancing our main focus with the big picture in our lives.

Constant Priorities

Certain priorities really rarely change in our lives.  This also depends on our core values of course.  Like for me, faith, family, and friends are always important.  Personal health is also important.  A basic application of prioritizing personal health is how we treat our bodies year after year in order to obtain our goals.  In other words, it may be one thing to "run hard" and go without some sleep, for example, when there is an urgent or time sensitive moments.  After this, you can rest and relax to let your body "reset."  In this example, it's a totally different thing to do this year after year and wear your body's immune system down.  No goal is worth your personal health.

In Summation

The winning approach is like building multiple houses at once and moving with what resources you have in the moment in order to be efficient and build your own confidence.  It's important though to always remember to keep the big picture in mind by taking time to evaluate each area of your life and to alway hold to core values and priorities that keep your health and integrity intact.

Your Application

So what resources do you have available or in your reach right now that you could use to reach your personal goals?  Do you remember to access each area of your life regularly?  Are you keeping your priorities in mind on a regular basis such as health and any other important values like faith, family, and friends, for example?  How can or is the Winning Approach helping you reach your goals?

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