The Winning Perspective

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Having a winning perspective can mean the difference between reaching our goals and giving up.  Let's look at the big picture first in review.

Planning and Failing

The Winning Perspective

You may have heard the saying, "when you fail to plan you plan to fail."  The truth found in this saying is applicable to every area of our lives as we seek growth and improvement.  Spontaneity has it's place and value, but more often than not having a plan to begin with and refining it later is the precursor to success.

Challenges and Complications

We live in an imperfect world that is constantly changing.  Most goals you set will be met with challenges and/or complications.  So the deciding issue of becoming successful is not whether or not you will be challenged, but how you see and handle these challenges.

Chose Your Perspective

Here are a few perspectives that I've observed in regard to challenges:

  • Get rid of and avoid all problems.  

Those who I've seen who take this perspective usually become negative or get "bent out of shape" when faced with complications or challenges.

  • Focus on looking for solutions like skills, tools, lessons to learn, etc.  

Those people with this perspective seem to meet challenges without feeling overwhelmed because they realize from the start that challenges almost always come with the territory.  There are some in this group though that throw caution to the wind and chose to have a picnic in the middle of a storm.

The Winning Perspective

  • Avoid unnecessary problems to start through thorough planning, but don't be surprised by challenges that arise which are your stepping stones to growth.  This is self-explanatory so avoid the extremes of trying to "prove something" by rushing into a storm or letting challenges and complications stop your progress.

In Summation

So in reviewing the basic process, we start out with a thorough plan, keep our perspective in check realizing that challenges almost always come, and we look for solutions like skills, tools, and lessons to learn.

The Winning Perspective

Your Takeaway

So what is your approach to success? Do you start with a thorough plan to be refined as you go?  Do you keep your expectations in check realizing that challenges almost always come? Do you use the winning perspective by seeing challenges as an opportunity for growth?

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