Turning Dreams Into Goals With A Plan Vlog

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Although I love dreaming, I love it even more when my dreams actually come true. How do you do that? Create a plan to turn your dream into a goal you can work towards. 

For me, a big goal is to be able to live abroad for a few months at a time. I've been dreaming about spending my Christmas and New Years Eve on an exotic beach in my bathing suit for years. In my mind it feels like I will only be able to do that when I have become super successful and have no financial needs anymore, whatsoever. This of course, is not true. In reality I have absolutely no idea how much money it would take for me and my boyfriend to spend about 3 months in Bali, living comfortably and having a great time. 

'A Goal Without A Plan Is Just A Dream'

So what I'm going to do is actually calculate the expenses. I have a feeling that I'm building that price tag up way to high in my mind and that it is absolutely do able to make this happen for next winter! 

What is a dream you would like to see come true and how do you plan on achieving it? I'd love to hear from you!

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