Turning Points in My Life

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Turning points here and now.


I always thought that to be happy I need to have a reason, like to go on holidays, or to be at some destination or I need to have a person to be happy with and only on special occasions.

The turning point in my life was when I realised what happiness really was.

Realising that life is happening for me, not to me, was the strongest eye opening for taking the responsibility of how I feel, of how I decide to feel the moment I get up in the morning. Whether I am going to feel tired from lack of sleep, having too much to do and take care of that day or feeling blessed I still breathe, for having a warm bed to sleep in, running hot water to have a shower and work to earn money to provide for my children.


Happiness is being ready for the idea of being happy. Happiness is a decision to be happy no matter what other say, do, see or think. 

I started leaving out the things that don’t feel good and don’t matter in my life and I began running to the ground the things that do feel good. I started avoiding people that I did not feel comfortable in their presence and made me feel bad by ridiculing me or putting me down. Even if they were my close family members or friends. Simply everything that didn’t feel good.

Happiness is being in the place where you are the receiver of the right idea at the right time.

Happiness is when something occurs to you at the most opportune moment.

Happiness is having an impulse for no good reason other than you feel like it and it feels good.


Happiness is happening to you all day every day, but now you have decided to be in a conscious awareness of it and that’s the real turning point.

Happiness is simply practicing to be happy and not saving it up for maybe one day, or maybe holiday as when you get there one day you will not be happy if you did not practice to be happy prior. You will not be able to realise and see it if you are not ready for the idea.

Anything you want to be good at you need to practice it. Same for the happiness. If you wanna be happy, you need to practice it over and over.

That's the turning point. When you realise that happiness is here and now and when you are being conscious and aware of any delightful moments that are offered to you all day long.

Even if you find a little piece of happiness, anything that pleases you, keep going and going, and do not spit a fire with things that don’t matter. And by getting the momentum going you see the happiness always around you and not just maybe one day.

You attract by how you feel.

Count your blessings one by one and the more you focus upon them the more you realise them.


Every morning before you get up you can take a conscious decision on how is this day going to feel. Are you going to feel good?, happy, kind, connected, confident, loving, innovative, inspired by moments, guided, worthy, deserving of all the goodness that is being happening to you all your life and demonstrate your deservedness through happiness?

You get happy from being happy. You can’t get happy from a miserable feeling.

I deliberately took a turn, an exit, from all the bad feelings and decided to be happy.

And I realised that was the turning point in my life.

Stanislava Hale


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