Use Subliminal Affirmations to Power Up the Law of Attraction

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Maybe you've heard of a little thing called 'The Secret'? A book written and a documentary filmed that explains something called the 'Law of Attraction'. I'm sure you have but if not, I'll give you a little quick description. This Law of Attraction or LoA for short is a universal Law believed by many cultures for thousands of years and only recently was given this title. This universal law made famous by the secret that everyone is talking about states that you can have whatever you want, you just need to believe that you already have it. When you believe that you have it, the universe will bring it into your life.

It's actually a little more complicated than that (along the lines of our whole reality may be a hologram) but the gist of it is that your subconscious mind has limitless 'reality changing' potential. This brings you to the central topic. To supercharge your subconscious mind to create your desired reality, you'll want to use subliminal affirmations to power up the law of attraction. 

Your conscious thought is more powerful than you know, but your subconscious power is limitless. Our subconscious is programmed from the moment we are born by our parents, our friends, film and television. Every external stimulus has the ability to program your mind, which can be dangerous. You can listen to subliminal affirmations to rewire or reprogram your mind to create the life you desire, not the life that someone else desires of you.

The subconscious mind has unlimited power. Amazing things like the placebo effect are a direct result of your subconscious believing and knowing that you will receive a certain outcome. This ‘Placebo effect’ can be controlled and used to enhance every aspect of your life. To create your desired reality, you can use subliminal affirmations in your daily routine.

Subliminal affirmations are used to bypass the barrier between the conscious and subconscious. It is a normal response for your brain to use your conscious mind to block thoughts from entering and reprogramming your subconscious, if those thoughts do not align with your current subconscious programming. This is the reason some people may need to listen to affirmation tracks daily for extended periods to see big results. People can see results within a few days, some take up to 1 month. It is generally known that it takes 1 month to stop bad habits and develop good ones, this is because that is how long it may take to rewire your subconscious.

For subliminal affirmations to work really well, you need to feel your want for change very deeply. You also need to believe that the affirmations will work for you, have faith and trust in them and know deep down that you have power over your reality.

There are two types of subliminal affirmations:

1: Low Volume Affirmations

Affirmations set at a very low decibel level (I use -30Db) which are paired with audible sound or music. 

2: High frequency Affirmations

Affirmations set at a frequency too high for the average human ears to perceive. Some people however can hear this type of affirmation because some individuals can hear higher frequencies.

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