We Can Still Keep on Making New Gifts

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One of my favorite past times is singing and listening to music.

Many times, I would be singing along with our car's radio while driving. Prior to the lockdowns, I would be singing on family occasions such as Christmas reunions and parties. At home or wherever, or whenever I want to, I would sing. I am not a professional singer of some sort. But I do love to sing. Now, whether singing loves me back is, of course, another question.

In most instances, I would be singing and listening to old songs. I love listening to songs such as those by the Beegees, Kenny Rogers, Michael Jackson, Sergio Mendez, ABBA, and a lot more. I also grew up with songs from Westlife and Backstreet Boys; at times I would also listen to songs by Britney Spears. Recently there are songs by Adele and Bruno Mars that I also love listening to. I am not really that updated though with the latest songs and artists out there. But when I get to hear a good song, I know that I like that song.

From generation to generation, we would be able to hear different kinds of music. Artists, inspired as they are, are able to compose their distinct kind of music that would certainly make an appeal to a specific kind of audience. What I find amazing is that people do not run out of new songs to sing. And whatever song that is - classical, popular, country, folk, etc., it never fails to land with such beauty and appeal to somebody's ear.

Now, what do I like to point out? My point is that we all have the ability to create something new.

When I was starting out to blog for my website, doubts came to my mind. That too was a challenge that I had to overcome when I first thought of writing on this platform. What is there that I can offer? With millions of bloggers out there, will there be something new in what I will say?

Songs can be categorized into different kinds of genres. And if you go to a specific genre, you would be able to find thousands of songs listed just for that genre. The songs may have common themes such as the love of a father to his children, a song of longing by children to their lost mother, or a song of a lover to his beloved who is in a faraway place. But even with the possible commonalities, each person would still find a song that is uniquely appealing to him that tops all his favorites.

And so I think that may also be true with our messaging. My goal is to write in order that I may inspire people. Because we are all unique, there will always be that unique gift that we can offer the world, something that may have commonalities with other messaging, but the style, structure, and delivery are totally different, totally fresh!

Other writers can create content based on how others tell them. In my case, I love to write freely. I don't want a "boxed" type of writing where someone tells me what and how to write. Dictate upon me the parameters with which I will write and I would probably be like a car that runs out of gas, a train that stops on its tracks.

We are all unique! And in our uniqueness, there will always be that ear that would appreciate our music, an eye that will capture our image, and a heart that will welcome our message.

Let us not hesitate to bring out our gifts. Let us not relent in creating new things.

We can still keep on making new gifts.

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Be blessed and be a blessing!

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