Web Developer Update 2018

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What Is Trending In 2018 Concerning Web Development

At the beginning of the year, every developer should update the next steps in technology!


First Joice

I think, one of the most significant updates in 2018 is the browser support of CSS Grid!

When I implemented a prototype of a single page application in August 2017 I started to use CSS Grid for the first time and unfortunately I had to fall back to the Bootstrap 4 framework, as the browser support was still weak.

By end, 2017 lots of tutorials started to appear on Youtube about colleagues who are implementing CSS Grid successfully and I hope it is time now for a change in the implementation of Web Design elements on the internet.

You should definitely look into this!

Second Joice

Affiliate Marketing is the trend of the future, so I scanned the market for available solutions to integrate with popular platforms

For Magento people recommend MAGESTORE.

Popular solutions

• POST Affiliate Pro

• iDevAffiliate

Standards in 2018

As a full-stack web developer, I recommend looking into the following technologies!

HTML5 / Css3 (specially CSS-Grid but also animations) are the basis!

Frontend Development

Learn Vanilla JavaScript in depth as there are many changes in ECMAScript 2017 (ES8).

• ReactJS by Facebook keeps running the game!

• Angular by Google is widely used in the professional environment
(stable release V6 announced for April/Mai 2018)

Personally, I like D3.js (Data Driven Documents based on SVG) for graphic charts.


Backend Development

Languages & Frameworks

• Node.js and the MEAN Stack are still gaining popularity

• Python is established and pushing forward

• PHP stays stable in the CMS world (I personally use the Symfony framework to integrate with Drupal 8)

• Java widely used in the enterprise world


• MongoDB is gaining popularity especially for single page applications (SPA)

• MySQL is running the game in the CMS world

• Oracle widely used in the enterprise world

CMS Systems

• Wordpress is running the game in the marketing world

• Drupal 8 is stable and many upgrades from version 7 are pending

(Joomla is more and more falling behind)

Shop Systems

• Shopify is the editors joyce due to its possibility to handle delivery by Amazon FBA

• Magento 2 is established and upgrades from old versions are pending

• Wordpress WooCommerce

• Drupal 8 Commerce

I hope this helps to get an overview!

Enjoy hacking in 2018!!

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