What Is The Purpose Of Your Life?


Most of us go through life wondering; "what is the purpose of life?" Another way of putting it is by asking; "why am I here?" Or even better yet; "what is my purpose? What am I supposed to do with my life?" And the good news to that is the fact that it's all up to you. But I guess that leaves the question; "where do I find the answers to these questions?" And the best I can come up with is, it all boils down to, what do you want out of life? Now, I'm not going to sit here behind the screen pretending I know where you are in life. But if you're reading this blog, chances are you're not happy with where you are. I have no idea what you expect out of life, I have no idea what your dreams are, but I bet you do have a dream. But you have to ask yourself how badly do you want that dream. Let's call dreams, goals. I don't mean to insult your intelligence, but I bet you understand that goals are to be attained in life. Goals are what makes life worth living. They are a part of the excitement in life. I hope you have a dream that keeps you awake at night. I hope you feel the responsibility to support your family to a level of comfort that would make your family look up to you and admire you with the respect that you would always have to have. And if you do have a dream that burns even while you sleep, what are you doing to attain that dream? Have you figured out that your rat race job, your 9 to 5, (or whatever your hours are), are not really taking you to everyone ago in life? If that's the case I hope you are looking for something else. But what that something else is this totally to you. Sure, you can go online and do a job search and they'll tell you how great the pay is, how great the benefits are, they will tell you all the great reasons as to why you should work for them. But if you stop and look at it, it's just another 9 to 5. It's just another rat race the bigger promise behind it. Here's an idea! Why not work for yourself? Why not build an online business that will pay you while you're sleeping? Imagine waking up the morning but, you wake up when you feel like waking up as opposed to waking up to an alarm clock. It's like every day is Saturday. You go to your computer, you open up your business office page and you find out how much money you were paid while you were sleeping. There are lots of people in this line of business to do just that. There were maybe, eight to ten hours a week, if they feel like it and just let whatever work that they created ride on the Internet. They get up the next morning, or perhaps two mornings later and find in there accounts a certain amount of money that they made as they lounged during the day and slept during the night. I wish I could tell you how much they made but I don't want to entice you that way. I think that is a cheap way of enticing. I'd rather have you think about your life and what you want out of it based on your decisions. I'm not making anybody any promises. But I'm telling you this; this lifestyle is possible for you. I cannot make you promises, I will not make you promises. Because I cannot control what you do with this business. But I will promise you this; I'll promise you will have all the support and help you will need not only while building this business from the grassroots, but also as you continue to grow, as you continue create your own lifestyle. Everything from here on out is up to you. You have to think for yourself; how bad you want that dream to come true? How badly do you want your family to look up to admire you and respect you more than they already do? Like I said, I don't know what your dream is. I really don't know how bad do you want that dream to come true. But I do hope it's a burning desire that keeps you awake at night. Because that is the only way you know you were meant to be something greater than you already are.

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