What is the Vortex?


What is the Vortex?


So let’s imagine the following.

Your Source Energy, your Inner Being - you usually call it "God" - 

who is the consensus of:

even the one-celled organisms

Have been asking for that would be best for them.

Can you imagine a more equal opportunity?

Can you imagine anything being more right - THAN there to be :

a "holder" of all requests
And a "pushing" against NOTHING
An environment where what you ask for —> is always Given

And imagine an environment, even a physical environment, where everyone is making their personal and important, VALID request.

A request, from where they stand, from whatever just happened.

And when they ask, for whatever it is, THEY GET IT.

And then we just want to remind you, that every single thing, that you have ever asked for, all will ever ask for is for  1 Reason only :

—> You think you will feel BETTER in the Having of It.

In other words, what you are asking for is :

- Alignment
- Harmony
- Wholeness
- The Validation of that what is "Source"
- Of the Goodness of that which is you

So there are billions of people asking. And "Source" is holding for each of them the equivalent of what they are asking for.

Only in this physical environment that we are describing, these billions have been working for alignment, with WHO THEY ARE.

And so when they ask :

they don’t doubt if the will receive
They don’t worry
They don’t feel the competition of others
They don’t squabble over resources 
They don’t push against each other
They don’t try to make others wrong so that they can be right.

They just ask and receive.

And we would like you, to stand back far enough with us, so you understand, that no matter how it looks to you, in any moment in time - that THIS is really what is going on :

You are out here asking and "Source" is answering what you are asking for. And the whole of humanity, the whole of " All that is-ness" is become MORE as a result of your phantasmic participation in here.

We just want you to understand the perfection of the environment as it exists.

We just want you to understand that everything is working out just the way we all knew it would.

And that as the contrast that you experience, inspires you to the new request, the future generations will benefit from the requests that you are putting there.

In other words: every new generation benefits by what the generation before has struggled with.

But you don’t have to die or be the new generation in order to experience the benefit.

You get to ask, and you get to be the receiver of what you’ve been asking for. But you got to understand how this game is played.

You have got to understand the Laws of the Universe. And you have got to understand the vibrational aspects of you. 

You have got to be willing to move into the direction of what you want and no longer continue to beat the drum of what caused to ask to begin with!

For example, if you are struggling with money, you are asking ALL DAY LONG for more money. But as you continue to beat the drum of " I don’t have enough money", you are depriving yourself of the vibrational attitude, the is necessary for you to get what you’ve been asking for.


So your fortune just keeps amassing. We have been calling this :

your "vibrational Reality"
your "vibrational Escrow"

And it is not just a vibrational fortune. It is a REAL fortune that will manifest. Your fortune is being held for you in this vibrational bank, so to speak. 

And nobody has access to it, BUT YOU. Nobody can get in there and take your escrow.

But you, on the other hand, stand on the outside of it too. By complaining about not having enough of it, or not having it at all. Even though you are the only one who can get in there and receive all of the things you have asked for.

And we want you to understand, that "this in there" where it is, is this vibrational escrow, a vibrational reality and we are going to call it THE VORTEX.

The VORTEX of well being that you have created for yourself. You put some of it there before you were even born into this body. You have put much of it there since you got there.

And EVERYTHING that life has caused you to ask for, IS THERE.

Not only "waiting" for you. It is there with the Law of Attraction’s response to it. Each and every request that you put there, Law of Attraction is responding to.

We want you to feel the magnetic quality of it. We want you to understand, that when you ask for something, everything that is necessary for the fulfillment of this what you have asked for

—> is being SUMMONED to IT.

All cooperative components have been summoned to this Vortex.

Are you a cooperative component? Cooperative enough that you are drawn into your own Vortex? 

Your Vortex, where

• everything is that you have ever asked is
• your clarity is
• Your vitality is
• All that you have become vibrationally is

Or are you an ornery hold-out?

Beating the drum of " I have been asking so long, and it has never come to me, I am getting tired of looking. And all the good things are taken. And it is really not fair. And my friend has a Porsche and it is really not fair……"

And we say " yes it is fair, and you DO HAVE all the things that you want. What you want is over there, with all the cooperative components. And they will wait forever for you. 

Because the universe has the ability to keep putting a "new"- whatever you are wishing for- in place, as often as necessary for you to GET READY to receive it.

A steady stream of whatever it is you desire is constantly making its way into your vortex, on the "rare occasion" that you might get into your vortex.

But you got to wanna be in there, more than anything else.

And how do you achieve that?

By just doing things that you love to do. Just looking and reaching for the best feeling thought that feels like "achievable" to you in any given moment.

The thought doesn’t have to be "phantasmic" right away. Just make the best out of it as it is possible to you.

Just try to feel as good as you can, as often as you can.

And most of all, DONT beat up on yourself if you feel negative emotions. Those are important, too.

Because they make you realize what you don’t want and therefore make you ask for all the things that you DO WANT.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed the article. Can't wait to publish the next one.

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