What's Your Vision ?

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"Where there is no Vision, the people parish."

When we think Financial Freedom, we often think of it as a distant dream in which we have little to no cares in life, we can afford all the things we can't afford right now and we can fire our boss and employ ourselves.

This may not be you but it definitely was me, until recently. I've now come to understand that no matter how much I make, I will always have cares and there will always be certain things I won't be able to buy. I've come to understand that it's not about having more money or more and better things, it's about achieving a vision greater than myself.

vision is the genesis to Financial Freedom, it defines your actions and disciplines your life. It points you in the direction you should walk and gives a reason to walk in it, it's the road to true Fulfillment, the reason you are here. A person with a vision burning inside of them will stop at nothing to achieve it.

I Love the saying " A man without a vision is a man without a future, and a man without a future returns to his past." I've lived in my past for too long. If you are reading this, it's probably because you don't want to keep returning to where you are right now. You want this to be your past and you want it to stay there. You want to move forward and you want to reach out and achieve what now seems impossible, you want to overcome your fears because deep inside of you, you know there is a vision greater than yourself. And it's for this vision that you strive for Financial Freedom.

I've recently embarked on this journey to achieve my vision. I found a community of people who share the same ideals and are on this road with me, though challenging, every second has been amazing. If you are interested in finding out more about this, click on the link below and begin your journey to Financial Freedom.

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