Who is Abraham - Abraham Hicks - Interview


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My name is Alex, and in this article I would like to share with you how "The teachings of Abraham" have changed my life to a degree, words can't even begin to describe.

To begin with, I want to share with you, "who" or rather "what" is Abraham.

This is out of an interview with Ester Hicks back in the day. And I find it to be a wonderful way to get a better understanding of what "Abraham" is all about.

Please enjoy the following interview :

Who and what is Abraham?


Well, words are tricky, because from your physical format you are accustomed to seeing things from your physical point of few.

But we are non-physical consciousness.

We are source energy.

We are vibration.

We are thought.

We are not so different from you.

You are an extension of that which we are.

Everything that is physical is an extension of that which is "source", you see.

And so we are just a PURE FORM of the energy that is actually you.

Meaning: we do not have thoughts of resistance, that keep us from being that which is a vibrational match to "source".

While in your physical form you sometimes do have thoughts of resistance.

"Have you ever been human?"

Well, the question has a misunderstanding at its basis, that we want to clarify first.

And that is: Everything that is physical, is an extension of that which is non-physical. Physical friends often look at life from their physical format and they think "well it’s either dead or alive". So it’s either physical or non-physical. 

When in reality: IT IS ALWAYS NON PHYSICAL. And sometimes that non-physical focus is focused into the physical.

So the question: have you ever been physical implies that we are not physical "right now"

While Ester and Jerry and you and so many others are the physical extensions of that what we are.

It is sort of like saying to you toaster: why don’t you be the electrical current also?" And the toaster says " I am the toaster… and the electrical current will be the electrical current"

We want you to understand that "Source Energy" will always be Source Energy.

But Source Energy expresses itself in physical form all around you.

Why the name Abraham?

The process that Esther uses to interpret for us is a process where she receives "blocks of thought" sort of like downloading to a computer if you will.

Like radio signals.

And Esther receives the block of thoughts at an unconscious level and then finds, also at an unconscious level, the physical word equivalent. 

So even the label "Abraham" was a label that Esther fashioned at an unconscious level,

because it was the best descriptive word,

That explained easily, like in 1 label, like you want your names to be,


In other words: we are at the heart of every religion that exists, we have been around for a very long time. So it was just the best name.

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