Why others can’t give you guidance


Why others can’t give you guidance


Expectancy is about being aware that this behavior brings forth this Experience.

And we want you to expect the manifestations that come from the "patterns of thought".
Because this is how ALL THINGS are Created!

Do you know that:
Before there is anything - what you call manifestation - there is STRONG, LONG & STEADY thought.
Consistent thought about it.

So to be the "deliberate Creator" of your reality, which you want to be, you want to direct your thoughts.
Well, almost everybody says. "Sounds good to me. I am ready to go."

But we want you to know that you need a way to QUANTIFY your Journey.
When you are directing your thoughts, you have to know - what is the direction that is leading you towards what you want?
And what is the direction that is leading you towards what you don’t want?

And when you listen to "the Others" around you, it will be almost impossible to achieve it.

Have you ever had a decision to make and so you decided you would ask the people that are close to you for advice.

And everyone gave you a different answer:
• This one said, „do it“
•  This one said, „don’t do it“
•  This one said, „do it, but do it this way…“
•  This one said, „don’t do it and don’t do it ever…“
• This one said, „don’t do it, but maybe do it later….“

They drive you out of your mind!!

Because they can’t possibly give you guidance that it good for you.
They can only give you guidance about you, that is good for them!
Because everyone must factor in, how this fits into their life experience !!!

Everyone is selfishly oriented. You can’t help but see through the eyes of self.
When you go to the doctor, or dentist or to anyone who has something that they are offering to you-

They cannot help but factor in their Relationship with you as they are counseling you.
And that is not a bad thing at all. And it doesn’t mean that they don’t mean well in their effort to assist you.

It is only, that every time that you are interacting with someone else,
you get all kinds of vibrational interferences. Because no one can guide you accurately.

And when you ask them to, and even when they do their very best to guide you,
and it turns out however it turns out finally,
you almost always end up resenting whatever it was they told you.
If you are not a vibrational match to what you have been asking for…IT CANT COME !!
And it doesn’t matter how precisely you try to follow anybody else’s advice .

You can not QUANTIFY your journey and you can not get from where you are to where you want to be by asking anybody else but your own guidance system.
NO ONE but YOU knows the proper PATH for you.

Religion can not give it to you, politics can not give it to you, your mother can not give it to you and your teacher can not give it to you.
No one can give you accurate guidance.
And no one needs to.
BECAUSE you have got BUILT IN guidance.

Your Build-In Guidance

You came forth from non-physical but you don’t ALL come forth from non-physical.

-  The larger part of you
-  The eternal part of you
-  The Source-Energy part of you
-  The God-Force part of you

remains non-physically focused. Do you understand that? In other words, many people think that they are dead or alive.

Which means, so they assume, that their soul is in heaven or it is here with them.
Many people think that it is one way or the other.

And we want you to understand that it is like when you plug in your toaster into the electricity that comes through your wall:
You don’t ask the electricity to come and be the toaster.

You are happy that the electricity remains the electricity and that it powers your appliances. And so you understand the difference of the source (the energy) and the toaster.

And so, we are not wanting to be disrespectful, but you ARE THE TOASTER.
You are the extension of Source-Energy. But the electricity, the source, will always remain non-physically flowing to you.
So this Source Energy is always there, flowing to you and as you are here, in your physical experience, life is causing you to have a constant expansion of personal desires.

And we can not emphasize accurately or enough, the power and importance of the personal part of your desires.

You are:
• uniquely perfect
• you are personally perfect
• your are uniquely asking

And Source is delighted to respond to your unique request, that is born out of your unique life experience and perspective.
Every single one of you UNIQUE and APPRECIATED.

So. You live life whatever it is and out of it, you ask for those unique things.
Many of you might say "oh the things that I am asking for are not that unique." But we say "YES they are".

The combination of the life you live and the rockets of desire that shoot out of you, and the vibrational escrow that amassing on your behalf : BECAUSE of all that you have been living before and now —> is a UNIQUE part of the expanding universe.

And every bit of it is a value. So that’s why you are uniquely asking and Source Energy is now standing, in vibrational alignment, with what you have asked for.
Because when you are having "Exposure to an Experience" and you know what you don’t want - Source Energy does not turn its attention towards what you don’t want.

But in the moment of what’s wanted is born out of it, Source Energy gives that its UNDIVIDED attention.
And that’s why the expansion of the universe and the evolution of all species is so ASSURED.

Do you understand how that sort of works? 

to be continued.....

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed the article. Can't wait to publish the next one.

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