Why the loss of your job is a blessing in disguise!

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So I have tasted the pangs of lack and basked in the rays of sorrows all which was all self-inflicted because of my small thinking. Hold on, in a moment you will realize why the need for a job is only to propel you to a certain horizon. You will also see that when you overstay you become redundant.

The time I had no job, as I have said before was a horrible time for me. I woke up each day thinking of where I was going to apply next. I spent time online looking for the next gig. I googled all variations of jobs. You know Mr. Google is very faithful so he gave me results but the people on the other side did not respond. 

You know what is annoying about job search here in Uganda? Lack of courtesy. So these people inform you that they will get back to you and you patiently wait for feedback. Let's say at a certain point you decide that this was probably not your choice.

I wasted time calling to follow up on jobs because I did not know how to channel my desperation. We underestimate the power of our emotions. When you are desperate you are very creative because your mind is pushed to think. There is this thing about the pressure that forces us to see other variables in the darkness that could produce light.

I remember my last bad encounter, I had to travel 6 hours for this job interview. The system sucked because we saw the person who was to help make the best decision concerning us. I had spent my little transport and left my wife behind to find a plan on what she would eat because I was taking the few coins we had. She would skip dinner on some of those days and give me excuses about how she was not hungry.

Anyway, I got here and the man took another 7 hours to show up the following day. I arrived at 9am and saw him at 6pm. This shows you how people don't value other people's time. I kept getting tossed around hoping the next call was the final one. I even decided to find a place near the workplace. When I remember I even laugh. I wasted precious time. Long story short I got a better placement and I have grown. So I know what it means to lack but I also know about why lack can be good for us sometimes.

Come let us think together:

Normally when people don't have some sort of engagement they think this very bad thought: "there is nothing to do". Yeah I know because I used to think like that, this is far from the truth. There is so much to do in terms of learning and equipping yourself up for your future. We get stuck in our emotions of depression and anger as if the world owes u some sort of explanation.

What we fail to understand is that whatever you need is in you, (your brain) and around you (opportunities) if only you can change the way you think.

Here are some ideas on what you can do with your free time:

  1. Read: now I am not talking about reading romance novels. Read something that adds value to you. Better yet look at what you are passionate at and really be good at it. Learn a skill that a few people have in your niche. Reading is a must when you feel like you have some time to spend binge-watching series.
  2. Take a MOOC: these are massive online learning courses. You can take one for 6 weeks and learn a new skill. I learned python from scratch and now I am moving towards being a data scientist. I used to go to places with free internet and spend a whole day there learning from scratch. I knew this skill would take me somewhere. Now I am a dean of Uganda for Artificial intelligence.
  3. Think in terms of ideas: jobs are a means of servicing ideas. The real concept that makes money is the idea. There are many ideas out there that can potentially earn you a lot of money. If you think there are few, just look at the problems we have anywhere. Those are ideas for you to solve and get paid for.
  4. Think value: when it is all said and done people are looking for value. Are you the best in your field. Let it be that you are a cleaner. Are you the best at it? If your answer is no then quit whining and be the best at it and that is going to take a lot of your time.

I could go on further but I want to live it at that for now. The point is that you can't do all these things when you are locked up all day typing away at someone else's dream

Yes, I think someone is getting the point I am trying to make. You are free to do them all. Lets celebrate. Now you can be a better you and by the time something else shows up you will be more than ready. You will be more valuable. The money they give you is a measure of the value you give. If you have less money then that means that is what kind of value someone things you are going to give.

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