Angel Number 119 - Major Transition Period

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Angel Number 119

Once In A Lifetime Transtion And Transformation Period

Do you see a sequence of number repeatedly? And what does it mean?

If you are seeing Angel Number 119 on a car number plate, the digital clock, a cell phone screen, a grocery receipt, or your laptop; again and again until it caught your attention. This is beyond just a coincidence, this is synchronicity.

Trust that you are guided to this post. Just hang on there, everything is going to make sense, keep smiling.

Your angel is communicating to you, reaching out to gain your attention by giving you signs, in this case, Angel Number 119. The angel is using The Universe language of vibrations, to reach out to you, and all the number hold different vibrations and meaning.    

Angel Number 119 signifies a major transition period.

Huge and powerful energy whenever you see Angel Number 119. Because it’s super strong energy with many influencing factors involved. This energy of major transition period could take up to months or possibly up to years for many people.

This is not quick fix energy, it could be extremely slow and very lightly most people might felt they are in stagnation, or stuck in a certain situation, perhaps certain life experience for a prolonged period of time making them feel very uncomfortable and stressful.

Because Angel Number 119 resonates with such major transition energy, it doesn’t happen easily for most people. All the old have to go in order to give way to the new.

It’s like filling up fresh water to a vase of flower, you must first pour out all the old water and fill up the vase with fresh water.

Letting go of the old is key during this transition period. This is one of the reasons why it takes time to allow things to unfold itself in divine timing, from the spiritual realms to this physical world. If this involves bringing in another person, that person free will or readiness is taken into account too.

At the beginning of this energy, some people might experience the tower moment. As described in the traditional tarot, everything seems to crumble and falling apart. In fact, everything is falling into places.      

And this can be very daunting and scary while going through a major transition in life, most people prefer to be in their comfort zone, doing what they are familiar with and carry out their daily routine. 

However, the major transition time doesn’t happen for no reason. Especially when your angel is recognizing there is a need to redirect you back on track to your life purpose, fulfillment and living a life that is in your best interest.  

Your angel and the universe may orchestra this huge energy behind the scene for a while. To awaken your awareness, to go through this huge  energy changing and allowing you to become a new you.

Rest assured you are not alone as your angel is always by your side while you are facing this huge transitioning period and walking through the river of change.

Your angel wants you to be very patient with yourself. 

Angel Number 119 – It’s All Worth Waiting For       

The best news is, everything is worth waiting for with Angel Number 119. Your angel wants you to trust the process and take a leap of faith, knowing that it takes a lot of courage and efforts walking through the river of change in this major transition period. 

To eventually come out at a different end after a lengthy and slow process. In the end, everything is worth waiting for.

Your angel wants you to go within and know yourself, embody your higher real authentic self to become who you really are, expressing your true nature in essence.

Take this opportunity focusing your energy to manifest what you really want in life, knowing that you deserve more and you worth it.

Whether you are longing for true love, a passionate career, financial needs, healthy body mind and soul, dream home, dream vehicle or dream vacation. Everything is worth waiting for.       

As you embody your true essence and be authentic, you attract all the good and positive with the same energy and vibrational match into your life experience. Slowly, the universe and your angel are bringing people and opportunities towards you.

Lai Meng 

Note: Angel Number 119 is all about very patient with oneself while going through the major transition period. Always be aware to rebalance the energy when dealing with frustration and confusion.  

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