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In 2015, I found myself completely fed up with a job I'd had for over eight years, a high-schooler who was not making good choices (you probably know the ones!), and elderly parents who live over 600 miles from me, and who are aging-in-place (stubborn!!!).

I felt like I might have to drop everything at a moment's notice to get to them (stressful!), while having to leave a teenager home alone who might screw up first and apologize later (stressful!), while going to a job I hated on daily basis (stressful!).

Something had to give, and it had to be the job. My kid needed me around a lot more, and my folks might have needed me on short notice. And I'm glad that I did! The teenager did a complete 180 and is now the great person I always knew was in there (YAY!!!!), and it's been worth all the sacrifices. The folks are still hanging in (my dad insists on living in their own home, without help, but that's a whole other story!), so that's great, too.

But I needed an income! I tried starting a solo graphics art practice, but sadly, we're a dime-a-dozen AND have to compete with the likes of Fiverr and others, so that wasn't working out.

I hated the thought of having to go back to work in an office (with all that that entails!), and I still had the issue of my folks needing me at short notice.

I started to look for at-home online opportunities. Other folks seem to be making a living at it, why not me? So, I joined into my first ever MLM. BIG MISTAKE (for me, at least), but I learned A LOT!

Maybe you know the stats... over 90% of folks fail at MLM! I was definitely in that category. Even though I was networking online and at in-person groups, promoting my product or opportunity with paid ads, etc., I got nowhere!

If I had known about affiliate marketing before being introduced to MLM, I definitely would have chosen affiliate marketing!

Since learning affiliate marketing, though, I found out that there are SOME similarities, such as branding yourself (it's a must-do!) and online advertising (which is a skill-set unto itself and can be utterly overwhelming!), but the BIG PLUS for me was that I wouldn't need to 'team build' in order to earn (and thus rely on those recruits to give it their all, too).

I want to help you avoid the lessons that I've gained the hard way!

One of the things I've learned is that learning how to effectively affiliate market on your own is REALLY overwhelming! I've always been a self-taught, DIY kind of person, but I had to admit that left to my own devices, I was paralyzed by all the information.

When I found SFM, and watched the free videos, I knew it was the answer for me. It would take me step-by-step through everything I had been trying to accomplish on my own, but it would actually get me where I needed to be as a result!

Long story short... If you're like me, and feel like it's time to take control of the one stress that we CAN change -- our income -- then I hope you'll take a look at SFM and affiliate marketing.

And, along the way, I'll be sharing articles and posts of things that I find helpful, inspiring, funny, and more.