Best cheap drone 2019

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Finally…A drone that is cheap but NOT ‘cheap’!

I’ve been waiting for this drone ever since they started showing up on the market, I purchased a few cheap drones and they were just that….poor quality, bad handling, only ever giving me a taste and left wanting more…!

However, the ones I really wanted to fly have always alluded me as I just couldn’t justify the cost! This latest drone is well within most peoples price range and built with professional quality! – They have become more efficient and competitively priced!


With All the Best Features of Drones

It shares all the best feature’s of high priced quality drones- check out the Mavic Air in comparison for 7x the amount!

  • Compact slick, sturdy design
  • Great control in the air- Precision flight performance tech
  • Remote control with a live camera feed!
  • 120° Wide-angle 720P HD Camera including adjustable angle, which captures high-quality video and clear aerial photos!
  • High wind rating
  • Yet, sold for a Ridiculously Low Amount!

Check out the incredibly Low Price in Australia!

A Great Gift or toy for yourself also!

My son has been begging me for a drone for ages!-  now with the Drone x Pro, I know he has a high quality product and he can fly like a pro and I won’t be playing ‘Helicopter dad’ to see if he’s going to crash it and burn up Hundreds of dollars!!

Now everyone can experience the joy of flying and capturing amazing moments and photos….


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