How to Disconnect to Connect Better?

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To disconnect to connect could be what you need right now

Disconnect to connect, tune out to tune in, or unplug to unwind, and what else comes up in your mind?

It’s all about opposites and quality time with people in your life. No app exists for that so far! The digitalization of the entire world is proceeding at a pace accelerated by the ongoing pandemic. Many are now more in contact with their smartphone than with real people. In a previous article, the technique to get in control of social media is analyzed more in detail.

When did you invest in yourself the last time? I’m not talking about new clothes or any other material stuff, but things like time to learn something new and, of course, to relax. 

Did you know that the efficiency of your brain to develop new ideas will decrease considerably with a saturated mind? To come up with new ideas and think in new directions, you need mental space to succeed.

One of the most common mistakes we make as enthusiastic entrepreneurs is to allow ourselves time to relax. The passion is pushing us forward to work too many hours a day. The paradox of such working days is the opposite of what you plan. You are afraid to lose opportunities. Therefore, working around the clock, you only punish yourself with a lower efficiency as the outcome.

We all have different biological clocks. Some work better in the morning while others prefer evening sessions. Personally, I’m highly efficient early in the morning, and later I get less done during the day. For sure, the biological clock has something to do with it. Still, without any doubt, the saturation of your mind during long working sessions influences more than what you imagine..... Continue Reading!>>

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