Learn the Violin with a Complete Online Training Course!

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Want to the Learn the Violin - Do it Here 

Stream-Line Learning

It's a Big Question; Where Do you Start When Beginning Violin? How Many People ask That Question but get No Further?

Whether you Are an Adult who has Longed to Play the Violin All your Life, or Dabbled but never Made any Real Commitment; Whether it Feels Right and You Know You're Meant to Play This Instrument and you Must Learn it Now or Even If You're Looking for Quality tutor or Online Courses for your Child .


There is Now a Professional Online Course that is Structured for Maximum Impact!

  • Learn Any Violin Style - Catering to An Individuals Taste in Music
  • State of the Art Video Lessons for Quick, Easy, Non- Pressured Learning
  • More Affordable than a Private Tutor!
  • Guaranteed to Teach you Violin and Get you Playing Your First Song Within 30 Days!
  • Caters to Play by Ear Types or Traditional Sheet Music Types
  • Great Online Community with Professional Help!
  • Thousands of Sheet Music Available and Video Lessons
  • Learn From the Comfort of Your Home!



Choosing a Violin ( If you Don't Already Have one!)

Violins Come in 8 Main Sizes.

'To measure what size violin best suits you, you need to know the length between your neck and the middle of your left-hand palm or left wrist. This is measured when your hand is fully extended and raised perpendicular to your body, just like holding a violin'.

The Good News For You is Good Quality Violins ARE A lot Cheaper then They Used to Be!

Personally I'd Recommend Getting the Best Violin At The Cheapest Price - If it's a Little Out of Your League you can Get the Same Model/Brand Basic for Dirt Cheap But it's Going to Make it Easier in the Long, and Short Term with a Better Quality Instrument.

Check out These! - Also check for the Cheaper Models if Need Be...

If You're in America Find Recommended Violin Here

If You're in the UK Find Recommended Violin Here

If You're in Australia Find Recommended Violin Here

Hope I Was Of Use and Helpful For You!

Enjoy the Music!

A Jolly Swagman


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