Why I Now Wear Bamboo Socks (and Underwear)

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Reasons I Choose Bamboo Clothing


Benefits of Bamboo Clothing

  • Highly Durable ( Concerning Socks and Underwear – this is a big factor!) Due to the Long Fibre of bamboo..Honestly, in my experience I’m talking 3 to 4 times longer!
  • Naturally Anti-Bacterial( I was experiencing cracked heels and i believe Bamboo socks absolutely helped with the recovery..)
  • Breathable Fabric – Also due to the fibres structure, a lot of air passes through which helps keep your feet dry, odourless and clean.
  • Thermo-Regulating - the ability to keep you warm in the cold and cool in the heat..How? the ‘cool’ air must weave through the fibres like a huge maze and air gets trapped in creating a heat blanket….in the heat the water/sweat plus the breath ability of the fabric make you feel cool…..it is actually scientific but that’s it in layman terms..
  • Soft Yarn - Have you ever worn bamboo clothes? soft and flexible..
    Hypoallergenic – Boody bamboo clothing is Organic
  • Eco Friendly and Sustainable - I actually grow bamboo and it is an Amazing plant! For example growth time, high oxygen conversion of carbon dioxide and entirely rejuvenating! if you cut out 10 poles of bamboo next year it’ll sprout more!!
  • Highly Absorbent - Due to the hollow fibre of bamboo it can retain a lot of water that keeps you from feeling sweaty and prevents creating that envirotnment for bacteria… ( AND YES, this also answers the question…)


When I tell people that I’m wearing Bamboo socks generally the reaction I get is either ‘ I had a pair but they took ages to dry so i stopped wearing them’ or ‘ I heard they take a long time to dry’ !!

I mean seriously people, adapting is worth it!!

Just because your wool or cotton socks dry nice and quick, how do they feel at the end of the day? smell wise? do they last? how do your feet feel?

The Benefits far outweigh this factor..the reason they take so long to dry is they absorb a lot of water! But when they are dry they are SUPERCHARGED!

My little secret is even when they feel damp i wear them and discover they are not  in fact wet at all…but if your not a bloke like me who’s pretty relaxed…HAVE MORE PAIRS AND ALTERNATE THEM!

Bamboo is a Great Environmental Choice

Bamboo is an Ancient Giant Grass…It is Highly Sustainable, Vigorous, Fast Growing, Low Maintenance, Highly Efficient Oxygen Converter, Very Productive per Square Mtr, ….to Name a few….!!

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