Steven Smith

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Hi, I am a firefighter from the North East of England. I live in a small town called Spennymoor in County Durham. I am 46 and have spent time in the British Army as a Royal Engineer or "Sapper" . I was also a protection dog handler for some time, and I have even been a Sky installation engineer, and worked my backside off in the Flymo factory making lawnmowers. I am now extremely happy living the life I should have been 20 years ago. I simply clicked on a link, (SFM) like the one below my articles, and here I am learning all kinds of internet marketing stuff, and i'm still typing with one finger. :-) I planned on retiring at 65 and buying a motorhome with the money, I bought one a month ago and I'm 44, trust me watch the video's its a no brainer.