Lovena Suson

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Hello! I am a writing enthusiast based in Florida, close to the beautiful beaches on the East coast! Physical Therapist by profession, private PT practice owner, E-Commerce, digital marketing and online business entrepreneur. Very much a parent of 2 great teens, and a 4 year old "grandson" pek-a-poo" (pekingese and poodle mix). I love to play tennis in my spare time. Very excited to join the digital bloggers platform as I have always wanted to write about my experiences, both professionally and my business experiences. I feel so blessed having met very interesting people in my life who have made an impact professionally and spiritually. I regard myself as an "entrepreneurial venturer" as I have always dared go into business ownership, explored the word of E-commerce, online business ventures, even network marketing which opened my eyes to the benefits of residual income. Nothing beats the experience of making extra income while you sleep! I just want to be another voice among others, who could be the spark of change in someone else's life.