Taga Iose

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Hi there,
Hey thanks for popping in to find out more about me.
My blogs are mainly themed around personal development and mindset growth.
I draw from my own pain points and personal growth experience that moved me from surviving cancer and bankruptcy to creating and growing my own business.

Here is a brief background that led me to what I love doing today:

In 08/2018 resigned from a full-time job which I completely loved. That role was a Financial Counsellor helping community members who were suffering from Financial Hardship and Financial Crisis. I had worked in this role across 3 different community agencies over the last 6yrs and thoroughly enjoyed.

Previous to that I had been working as a Lender with a Major Bank before branching out into my new Mortgage and Finance Brokering business.

The excitement and growth of my new business came to a screaming halt when I was diagnosed with Stage 2 Breast Cancer.
We battled the emotional, physical and financial trauma while going through the treatment.
After our first-hand experience of what it is like to endure this hardship, I vowed on return I would use my financial knowledge, experience, and skills to support others in the same situation.

My business:
*Reset Your Money Mojo was born 2017 to provide a simple online money literacy course teaching money management skills the helped me get through.

*Your-selfactualization established 08/2018 was established to provide education, resources and support to people unhappy with their jobs.
This business is in response to my clients from Reset Your Money Mojo, who through their own financial trauma were seeking other ways to earn income so they could eventually leave the jobs they were unhappy with.

Quick Bio
- Living in Brisbane, Australia
- Married to my soul-mate 30yrs+
- 2 adult children and 2 grandchildren (with more to come fingers crossed)
- Lost our dear Japanese Akita dog - Rusta 7yrs ago
- Keep saying I'm going to get another dog but haven't had the heart to...yet

Please reach out to me on my private facebaok. It would be my absolute pleasure to connect with you.

Thank you for your interest and I wish you a blessed day
Taga xxx