Terry Poitra

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I'm a single father of 3 children. I have struggled to take care and provide for them, learning as I go through parenting (as most of us do) to be able to be the parent I always wanted to be. I have put myself through school and have never found anything fulfilling with the degrees I now have in the technology field by working for other people. I am on the verge of creating my own business in the technology field and want to share some of my experiences as a parent, and new and upcoming entrepreneur and digital marketer. I have come a long way from where I started out from as a Native American Indian from the reservation in north central North Dakota. I have since moving away from the reservation, lived in and explored the entire Midwestern US. I have a lot of life experience, parenting, as well as technological experience in many different areas that some may or may not see in a life time. I would really like to share these experiences with you and help provide some insight into the world technology to provide a better way of life, not only for you to build and grow your own, but to also help to aspire to be what you may have always wanted to be, independent.