Waypoint - To start a new 'way' of life

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Waypoint - A waypoint is a reference point in physical space used for purposes of navigation, otherwise known as a landmark.     (ref: Wikipedia)

It's a funny thing when you get to a point in life when that ‘ol deep gnawing feeling just gets too much.  The feeling of ‘this is not how it’s supposed to be’ simply gets in and grinds you down.  

When you’re finding you’re in a pattern of the same thing day in day out. Trying desperately to juggle important things in your life around your job!   The things you are passionate about start feeling like a chore because you are simply too tired to feel the joy, or your relationships wear the brunt of your exhaustion of you endlessly trying to be the best person you can.  Striving at work, selling your time far too cheaply, trying to invest energy in so many places…  The thought keeps rattling around your tired mind ‘This IS NOT life’.  And there is simply not enough time!

This gnawing feeling, this relentless thought, this Waypoint, has been my uncomfortable companion for a painstakingly long period now.  And I know I’m not alone!

There have been numerous ways I have tried to escape, or ignore this feeling. Some being;

  • Training and working in the spectacular outdoors with an incredible variety of people, here in New Zealand and around the world.  Life changing experiences but I was still having to sell my time.  
  • Selling my soul to the film industry.  This fed the requirement for epic adventures and was ridiculously well paid, but my life was totally owned by the boss, or in this case the film. When it's on, when it's not; no income. 
  • Running my own businesses.  Twice.  In areas I was very good at, but naively set up so I still had to sell my time.  Yes.... life changing experiences in many ways, unfortunately I'm still carrying the high financial cost of these experiences today. (Costly thing placing others advice over ones own intuition)

Essentially we all have our ways of coping, or maybe flourishing in this game called life.  For me I flourished, in some ways, in others… such as sorting my work / life balance and finances left a large and somewhat joy sucking gap.

                         Does this sound familiar?   Can you relate?

If so, come for a ride with me…      


Yes... In the past, this would have meant we’re heading to the mountains, perhaps pouring over a Climbing Area guide book, fuelling the car… Or maybe loading the horses onto the trailer and sussing a backcountry ride out.   

But this time it's different, this time I’m going down a completely new path of self discovery, accountability and possibility that is foreign, but by crikey it feels right.

Here’s where it begun;

By happen-chance I clicked on an advert online.  This NEVER do.  Two young Aussie fellas were telling stories of their lives being morphed into something they had never dreamt possible 2 years prior… They had plenty of dollars flowing in (not an uncommon claim) but the value placed on time freedom got me, as did the lack of ‘flashy-ness’! They were big on their Freedom to live the life they choose! What was it about them? I wasn't entirely sure, but in reflection I believe it was because they felt real, felt genuine and basically felt like they were talking from a deeper place from the ‘all the cash you can want’ kind of fellas.  

I clicked on the link they suggested and met one of their mentors. 

This took me to a video of an English guy hanging out on a pedlow, in a stunning part of the world. Simply talking!  Alright... different!    click here      He talked of an online business setup in a global community where folks were stepping out, over that ‘joy-suckning gap’ that has been getting louder and louder in my world. Here were people living a life on their own terms, where they owned their time, had the resources to help others (emotionally, time-wise and financially) and… their 'work' could be done anywhere with a laptop and wifi connection… at any time!  

 Holy Mackerel!!     I felt like I was being talked to directly.  After some research and a bit of serious 'listening' to myself (naturally, I was suspicious), I jumped in and started down the path...  I simply couldn't, and still can't shake that feeling that this set up, Six Figure Mentors, simply resonated with me.

So, my journey thus far, or Waypoint, has me dropped into a world of massive learning, massive support and absolute possibility for me to truly create the life I know is meant… One where I invest my precious time where it is valued.  NOT where I feel I need to be so I can pay the bills!

I'm compellled to share this story, share this journey from this Waypoint, with as many as I can.  I have always felt in my core that where I'm stepping 'from' is so common in todays world.  And so, so wrong!  I want to step back into Owning my Own Time, and in doing so, hopefully, inspire others.                            We are born to Own our Own Time!

So I invite you, stay tuned, come for the ride... and let's see where this mind bending and life changing path goes…