Attended Dr. Joe's Advanced Weeklong Retreat - My Journey on Recovering from Sensitivity to Chemicals 10

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I would like to share with you my inflight experience on my way to Dubai from Tokyo to attend Dr. Joe Dispenza's Weeklong Advanced Retreat.

As I wrote in my previous blog, I did all what I can to mitigate possible exposure risks before the flight

This time, I would like to write about what I do to counter the scents and fragrances during the flight.

Whenever I fly, I try to board as early as possible

  • to get my surroundings straightened out;
  • to check how crowded the flight would be;
  • to check my neighbor passengers and whether any one of them smell like fabric softener, detergent, hand cream, hairspray or whatever.

This way, I can let the cabin attendant know of my situation earlier on, and request for a seat change if necessary. 

This is exactly what I did this time, too.

Once I got to my seat, I first put my bag in a plastic bag to prevent it from being exposed to any smell or fragrances during the flight, and stored it underneath the seat in front of mine.

Then, I put my jacket in another plastic bag and stoered it in the overhead storage bin. 

Now that I got myself settled in, I just waited for the other passengers to board. The flight was a red eye flight and seemed to be quite empty when I checked in online last night. And it did turn out to be less crowded. I had all three seats by the window to myself, and the three seats behind me were also empty. 


Just when I was starting to feel relieved, a female in her 20s, came along and got seated by the window seat in the row front of mine. Immediately, I smelt some kind of fragrance. She happened to be using scented hand cream. There were also three young female passengers two row behind me, who were also emitting some kind of chemical smell.

My inner alarm went off, and I had to embrace for impact, take action to prevent the smell from flowing into my space. 

In particular, I first put on carbon-filtered mask and then covered it with another surgical mask so that the CF mask would not get ruined so quickly from the smell.

Next, I covered the gaps of the seats in front of mine and the seats of my row with blankets. This would mitigate somewhat the smell from hitting me directly.

This can be done by tucking in edges of the blanket into slits between the head rest of the seat before me and the bottom end into the seat pocket or the frames of the folding table.

Naturally, I make sure I am considerate to passengers in the front seat, if any, so as not to inconvenience them. 

This way, the blanket shield can be set up quite easily.

Blanket shield

This would prevent me from watching movies on the entertainment console display. Also, I would have to rearrange or untuck the lower end of the blanket when I use the table such as during meals.

So it requires some workarounds and tweekings which is quite tideous and stressful. But nothing is more stressful than being exposed to fragrances in proximity and getting sick. So, following these procedures has become second nature for me; necessity is the mother of being creative and coming up with countermeasures.

By taking these steps, I was able to rest and sleep quite deeply this time, which was quite a pleasant surprise.

In my next blog, I would like to write about my hotel experience, followed by what took place at the event by Dr. Joe. So please stay tuned!

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