Being in Bali: 3 life lessons I learned

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This year in September I went on a three week holiday to Bali. One of the questions I took with me was: how I could create a better life for myself? I was looking for a life of fulfillment and purpose. These are the three answers I got during the trip:

1) Work where you feel best

The first place I visited was Canggu, a place near the beautiful Bali beaches. Canggu breathes creativity. Everywhere the eye can see are nice coffee places, vegan food, yoga, and art-related places to go. Here I realized this is how I want to craft my life. The Canggu community comes from all over the world, which makes it very inspiring. I realized this is how I want to craft my life: Create beautiful ideas and feel free to work wherever I want.

2) Spirituality is in everyday life

When you get up early in the morning you see women with their offerings going to the home temples. You smell the scent of incense. It's something you not will easily forget. They perform this act with gratitude and graciousness. When Balinese greet each other they often use the phrase: Om Swastiastu. Wich means: Oh God, I hope all goodness (safety, happiness, and prosperity) comes from all directions. That holiness I could feel in my contact with the people. So I promised myself not to take daily life for granted: every day is holy.

3.) Taking risks is a good thing

Before my holiday I was scared as hell to go on a motorbike. The traffic in Bali is so busy and chaotic that I even got panicked when I thought about it. But I decided to just do it. And I was rewarded. I traveled through mountains, along with the see, and to beautiful temples. I made a trip a thought I wasn't able to. It gave me confirmation that I am on the right track: taking risks will be rewarded.

So these are a few things I learned in Bali. Traveling made me see my life with clear eyes. There are two things I want to share with you. One is a link to my friend Natalie Dissel who lives on Bali: she, a jewelry designer, is a pure example of someone who lives the Bali life of freedom. The other is a course I did while I was on my way. This free training helped me to see that it's possible to live the life that I want.

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