Corporate Job to Nomad Lifestyle - What is the Trigger?

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The Trigger

At what stage in life do you people think, “I don’t want to work the corporate job anymore and need to do something different?” This statement has been a common theme I have found since being on the road. We have been travelling around Australia now for just over 6 weeks. In that time we have met quite a few different people ranging from international travellers, young families and quite a few grey nomads. 

Most of the grey nomads that we have met have literally sold up and bought vans and are travelling around this great country. The young families, most of the parents have taken long service leave and are travelling around with time constraints. Some with school age children and the others with children under 5.

Mena and Pnau

What I found really interesting was that we all seemed to have similar mindsets. After many chats over beer, wine and sometimes coffee, the consensus was that we would all rather be travelling for longer. What holds us back is our jobs and the need to fund the travel.Now we are well into our 5 month trip and we are already planning the trip where we get to spend 12 months travelling. Only travelling for 5 months means that we can’t necessarily stay for long periods of time in places we like or get to go to all the places we want. We decided we wanted to do the big lap and only go to key areas and spend quality time there rather than just one or two nights in lots of places.

I recently met three older gentlemen who all used to have well paid corporate jobs, all of them said that they woke up one day and went ‘stuff it’ I don’t want to be working like this anymore. One of them bought a fancy caravan that is now his home, he has been living up in the Daintree National Park at a camping site, which he does work for, to pay for his site and give him some pocket money. He travels around when he feels like it and loves the serenity of the National Park.

One of the other guys also left his Management position, for an enduro type bike and a tent. He has been on the road for close to a year and has been in the Daintree now close to 2 months. He keeps extending his stay. He loves the open road and is now looking at building a business on line, so that he can work from anywhere and help people with their business skills. 

The third bloke also packed up and sold everything, purchased a Winnebago and travels now from spot to spot and stays as long as he wants. He also worked in a well paid office job. One of the main comments he made is that he has no stress now, he only needs to make decisions on what to do that day, time he will eat and whether he has a beer at 3 or 4 o’clock in the afternoon.

All three men are living simply but happily, all left their well paid jobs to live their dream. This got me thinking about why do we wait so long to do the things we are passionate about. So many people are envious of us doing this trip, so many people long to leave their jobs and go off exploring. The sad thing is not many people actually make it happen.

The Lifestyle - Sometimes takes a few sacrifices 

Cobbold Gorge

Doing what I am doing is a bit of a dream come true for me and our family, we worked hard to get here and I am very proud of what we have done. We have sacrificed quite a bit and made decisions that enabled us to do this.  

I can think of nothing else I want to be doing right now (other than travelling for 12months). During this trip I know I will be enjoying every moment and planning how I can make this lifestyle a reality. A lifestyle where I can be working when I want and from where I want. Doing something I love and am passionate about and helping others do the same thing. I know travel is my passion and with the education I am doing I will build a business that will monetise this passion.

The more I learn the more ideas I have about what I want to do. The most rewarding part of this trip so far is the people we are meeting. It’s such a strange feeling being around like minded people who enjoy the same things. Our daughter is meeting and playing with so many different children, learning about life and how to interact with different people. Its so incredibly powerful to see her grow in confidence and the social skills she is learning.

For me I just want to travel to new places, particularly iconic type places. I did the same thing when I was younger and travelled to the UK, lived, worked and travelled. I had a blast and now have so many stories and memories from being away for 2.5 years. I am extremely happy to be discovering my home country with my family. It was something that I thought I wouldn’t do until I was a ‘grey nomad’. Am so happy I am doing it, its motivated me to do more.

How is it possible 

One way making your dreams come true is to start to earn extra income, to put a side to save. How you can do this easily is by monetising your passion, e.g freelancing your skills. Monetising your passion can be challenging but rewarding, particularly if you have a strong plan and learn the basic skills. More importantly having the right mindset to learn is the first battle. Learning is easy, especially when you are passionate about changing your life. The education I have been completing actually gives you the skills to bring your passion to life, it also teaches you how to digitise your business. Whether its a business you already have or something you are working at developing. If you want to know more about this then there is a link you can go to and take a look.

Adels Grove Drone

For the remainder of my trip I will be continuing to learn and refine my skills, sharing my travels stories and just enjoying myself. I am looking forward to learning how to use our drone, making videos and taking photos on the road. In particular watching my daughter experience many things for the very first time. The breadth of knowledge and life skills she will have when she starts school is priceless. 

The fun is in the journey rather than the destination. The places you find along the way, the animals and scenery and the people we are meeting is priceless. Another one of our aims is to visit as many of our friends along the way. For us this adds so much more value to our trip. The key feature is that this is our trip and something we want to enjoy with no stress or pressures. We are focussed on living it the best way we can, enjoy the moments and learn from everyone and everything.

So when I sit back and think about all the people I have met most just don’t want the stress of working long hours. They want adventure, freedom and time to do all the things they have only dreamed of doing. Most people I talk to only dream of living this sort of lifestyle. I have learnt quite a bit from the people I am watching travel and living their dream. It is inspiring for me and I am doing the same thing. Kings Canyon

The only difference between those that do and those that do not, is preparation and then the courage and determination to make it work. I always say that if you want something bad enough you will move heaven and earth to make it happen. 

My only advice to anyone who has thought about following their dream is to write it down and think about whether you would have any regrets if you didn’t do it. Then if the answer is yes, make a plan and follow that plan. I know that seems simple, but sometimes it actually is that easy.

If you want to know about how you can make your dream a reality then click here and take a look at how I am working on my dream. It really is a great feeling when you finally drive off and know you are starting a big adventure.


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