How to Stop Overeating

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Emotional Overeating is when you are craving to eat while your body doesn’t need it.

It means your mind and your body work separately and don’t have a connection with each other.

I learned this from my mentor in S.F.M. that blew my mind that “everything in life is temporary, so, as much as your pain is real, it is temporary.”

It reminded me of THE BEAUTIFUL MIND movie.

When the main character, mathematician John Nash, had an epiphany that caused him to accept his Schizophrenia disease, when he noticed that one of his illusional friends who were a child girl, still had stayed a child without growth for years.

Then he realized that those characters couldn’t be real and confessed to his disease.

Also, this brain’s translation processing that is the Habit Loop occurs so fast, because it has done it over and over again, that you don’t have power over it to change it, even though you know that your habit is defeating you.

Trigger-behavior-reward “Between stimulus and response, there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”

So, if we could reduce the habit loop’s speed, we can reach out to that SPACE to choose a response to supports us not to defeat us.

So, whatever I share in this blog to stop emotional Overeating is to widen that space between the stimulus and response.
I use this metaphor to explain the importance of daily self-care practices for breaking through any kind of mental issue.

Imagine you are going to take part in a competition.

Normally, you practice before the competition date to strengthen your abilities.

You never would take part in a competition without taking any pieces of training or practice, or you never would be shocked when you are in front of your opponent, and you lose the score when you haven’t done anything to boost and strengthen your abilities.

If your attitude is figuring out what techniques you should do to win your opponent in the middle of your match, definitely you should be looser.
Instead, I want to give you some daily self-care exercises to change your frequency and energy level from a stressful mood to a peaceful one.
In other words, self-care practices cause you to increase happy chemicals and decrease stress levels overall in your life, which would help your Overeating.

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