Willie Lumpkin

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Willie M. Lumpkin

As an Entrepreneur, Organizer, and Developer Willie has participated in the development of a better society in many ways. As a business owner for over forty years, his participation in the economic climate within his community always created better living conditions for it's residents.

Willie organized, and founded, a creditable “Community Development Corporation”, where programs were developed to foster improved self-esteem, education, and health. Using his unique, and holistic approach to the development of the individual from the inside out Willie has had a positive impact on many.

For Willie the idea of retirement is different than most. He has embarked on a new “World Wide” marketing collaborative that is entirely internet based. This business model has unlimited income potential, while allowing the partners to live a lifestyle of complete freedom. Again he uses his holistic approach based on natural laws.

Based on the Laws of; Attraction, Cause and Effect, and Reciprocity this organization will continue with Willie's desire to help create a better world while adhering to his personal values and guiding principles.

Time For A Change !!!