Online Business Model For Stay At Home, And A Soon To Be Mom

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Have them both... A Successful Entreprenuer-Entreprenur

Gone are the days when women are to give up motherhood to go after careers or have to give up the carrier to stay home and raise kids, Afterall running a business will only leave your kids with a positive impression

According to new research from Vistaprint, “The survey of 500 American moms who run their own businesses found that 56 percent feel entrepreneurship is good for parenting. Almost every business-owning mom polled (94 percent) said they believe running a business leaves a positive impression on their kids, teaching them important qualities such as work ethic, responsibility, leadership, commitment, and self-confidence

My most joy of being an online entreprenuer is knowing that I can be fully present in my kids lives when I start having them, and still be able to run a successful business.

An online business is the best industery for stay at home-mom or a soon-to-be-mom to balance both motherhood and carrier because an online business guaratees time freedom, financial stability. The internet is 24/7 economy actieve that you get to choose when, and where you work

Let see the online businesses you can do while rising your kids


What is blogging? A blog is a type of website that focuses on written content, also called blog posts. Blogging is a profitable, flexible business you can do to earn a very good income if you put the time in.

You can make money from placing ads content on your blog and selling products to your subscribers. You can also get free gifts from brands when you have a large audience.

As a mom, you can build a successful blogging online business because of its flexibility. A blogging business is a business you can do anywhere in the world at your own convenience time. However online blogging business does need time to grow.


What is e-commerce? E-commerce is about using the internet device to buy and sell products online. You will peak up bulk items for a low price and sell them for a higher price.

Opportunities like Amazon FBA will do the heavy lifting for you. They will process the payments from customers and deal with the packaging, distribution, and customer service.

In the meantime, you'll get busy selling the products and setting up marketing and ad campaigns to make those sales happen, which you can when your kids are at sleep or have gone to school. You can run e-commerce while rising your little ones

Affiliate Marketing

What is affiliate marketing? Affiliate is where you get commission by selling other people's products or services. Affiliate marketing is so far the easiest and the simplest online business anyone can make the fortune of wealth, also a stay home mom.

If you're an affiliate, the amount of products you can sell is unlimited. And the great thing about it is that you can sell those products many times over, 24/7, 365 days a year. So even when you're sleeping, you are busy growing your income as you grow your sales.

As an affiliate marketer, offer only the products or services you trust and believe that help your audience solve their problems.

It is important that your audience can trust you in that case they will keep coming back to buy from you because they feel like they know you, and they can trust you. one of the beauties of affiliate marketing is that it does not need time to grow. You can start and run affiliate marketing while raising your little ones

Passion, and Interest

If there is anything that you are passionate about, it is very possible to turn your passion or interest to earning a living online while rasing your kids

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