The 5 Most Popular Blog Posts of 2019 (according to your opinion)

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You have decided which are the 5 most popular blog posts of 2019

Another fantastic blogging year and the most popular blog posts of 2019 have now been crowned by you. Trying to find the common keywords for the most popular blog posts 2019, I would boil it down to the following words:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Making money online
  • Online entrepreneurship for seniors
  • How to detox from social media

Often you ask yourself why one article has more views than another. The answer can never be addressed in a few words, but the ranking depends on multiple things. After some years of blogging, you learn what works better and what doesn’t work at all.

When checking what the experts say, it seems that I start to cover most of what you will need for a good article.

The List of the Most Popular Blog Posts of 2019

undefinedThe ranking of the list is based on most views. The number of days each article has been published is also taken into consideration.

As a passionate runner and online marketing entrepreneur, all my blog posts I write will be on those topics.

However, the most popular blog posts, according to your opinion, will always show the direction of my writing.

Let’s dive into it, and here comes the list of the 5 most popular blog posts of 2019.

No.5 - Why Affiliate Online Marketing is a Perfect Alternative for Seniors

undefinedIt’s not a random coincidence that this article is among the most popular blog posts. Affiliate marketing is something that fits perfectly well into the lifestyle of a typical senior citizen.

You can either be retired or about to reach the age of retirement and need to work with something on your terms. You decide how much time you would like to dedicate to your business and don’t have to feel like a “slave,” which sometimes is the case when working for a corporation.

Your life experience and all knowledge accumulated during all active years will serve you when starting a new lifestyle at your pace and on your conditions.

No.4 - How To Start An Online Business With No Money

undefinedClose to the previous topic comes No.4 on the list, and it goes for everyone who has a desire to start an online business.

The question raised in the article, if you can start an online business with no money, can be answered by both a “Yes” and a “No.” It all depends on how you count.

However, in the article, we try to get rid of this money issue as quick as possible, as it never is a real issue. With the right start and the correct program and platform in place, the money issue has the same magnitude as if you should choose a Big Mac or a cheeseburger at MacDonald’s.

No.3 - How to Make Real Money Online Almost on Autopilot

undefinedFrom affiliate marketing to online business with no money, the step isn’t far to how to make real money online. It always comes down to the same:

* How to promote your product or service

* Building your list of potential customers

* Automation of the whole process

By reading these three articles mentioned so far, you should be pretty clear on what you will need to be a successful online entrepreneur. You will get the idea of how to let the money work for you and not the other way around.

No.2 - 5 Reasons why Affiliate Marketing is the Best Way to Start Making Money Online

undefinedNever before since I started my blog almost four years ago, has your qualification of the various blog post come in such a logical order.

After ranking affiliate marketing for seniors, how to start an online business with a limited amount of money, and how to make real money, the number two in your ranking sum it up all.

You'll get 5 essential reasons why affiliate marketing is the best way to start an online business. All the arguments t your service on a silver platter.

This article also comes with a video telling you why affiliate marketing is the best way to start an online business. It’s not a strange coincidence that year after year, more people around the world become affiliate marketers.

….and the Winner is…. Number 1 Among the Most Popular Blog Posts of 2019.

In any competition or ranking, there will always be a winner. It doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the best one who wins. It all comes down to the criterion you use to select a winner.

In this case, you are the judges and have decided who the winner is.

It’s evident that the new digital lifestyle we all are tied up to also has some adverse effects.

How often do you meet people around you literally tied to their smartphones? Or, people who are living more on Facebook than sharing life with their families?


Internet addiction is a typical “Illness” in today’s society. Therefore, it doesn’t surprise that the number one blog post you all have chosen is,

“7 Steps to Detox from Social Media as an Online Marketer.”

Time to Detox

As a digital marketer, it’s more important than ever to keep a certain distance to all your devices, to not fall into the trap of digital addiction. The article treats this topic seriously and gives you 7 tips on how to deal with it successfully.

Addicted or not, the digital evolution is moving forward with a continues speeding up. Either you join the movement, or you will be left behind precisely like what happened to the dinosaurs millions of years ago.

The way you are ranking the top articles of 2019 shows what you want. Let’s dive deeper into these topics during 2020.

Thanks for being loyal readers of my blog. The information obtained through the survey this article is based on will serve a lot to continue delivering the content you like during 2020 and the years to come.

All the best for 2020, and if you still haven’t joined the digital movement. CLICK HERE and get instant access to our brand new on-demand online workshops, showing you in detail what you need to do.


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